sonnet or facts of the holocaust?

for english i have to write a sonnet about the book night(a story of the holocaust prettymuch) so i just need a 4 more lines. all i ask is for facts about the holocaust but if you want to help me out a lot then i need: the last four lines of a sonnet; like 11 needs to rhyme with sky and line 12 needs to rhyme with carrion and you can come up with 13 adn 14. all i really need is facts but if you want to go above and beyond that would be appricaited. thanks!!!

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    30 Facts about the Holocaust

    1. The Holocaust was the attempt by the Germans to get rid of all “inferior races”

    2. Approximately 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust

    3. Hitler came to power in 1933- Holocaust continued until 1945

    4. Heinrich Himmler was the second most powerful Nazi behind Hitler

    5. Oskar Schindler- worked to help the Jewish people

    6. There were about 5 million non-Jewish victims

    7. There were thousands of Nazi concentration camps and sub-camps during the Holocaust- A well known camp is Auschwitz/Birkenau which is located in Poland

    8. When WWII started Jewish people were forced to wear a yellow Star of David with the word ‘Jude’ written on it so that Nazi’s and other could identify them as Jewish

    9. Kristallnacht “The Night of Broken Glass” 2 nights- more than 90 Jews killed. Temples, synagogues, Jewish business, and Jewish cemeteries were set on fire or destroyed

    10. The first victims of the Holocaust were people with disabilities

    11. Nuremberg Laws- basis for discrimination against Jewish people

    12. The Holocaust was hidden from the allied powers until the end of the war

    13. “The Nazi party was proclaimed by law to be the only legal political party in Germany”

    14. Between 1933 and 1939 304,500 Jewish people emigrated from Germany

    15. 5,000 Jewish communities were wiped out during the Holocaust

    16. The total number of Jewish people that died represented a 1/3 of all Jewish people alive at the time

    17. Germany started WWII with the invasion of Poland in September of 1939

    18. VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) May 7th & May 8th 1945 – End of WWII and Nazi Germany

    19. There were different kinds of camps- Ghettos, Concentration camps, forced labor camps, extermination camps

    20. 1.5 million children were killed during the Holocaust

    21. “The Final Solution” The Nazi’s plan to exterminate the Jewish people during WWII

    22. There are some people who don’t believe that the Holocaust existed

    23. “Holocaust” is derived from the Greek words “completely burnt”

    24. Soviets, Polish Catholics, Serbians, Roma “gypsies”, journalists, teachers, activists, handicaps, alcoholics, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses were some of the people besides Jews killed

    25. Jewish people were the scapegoat for the collapse of Germany after WWI

    26. The Danish ferried 7,800 Jews to safety in Sweden when Germans invaded- at the end of the war 99% of Denmark’s Jews were still alive

    27. Germans used Jewish people to perform medical experiments during the Holocaust

    28. “On December 17, 1942, the leaders of the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union issued the first joint declaration officially noting the mass murder of European Jewry and resolving to prosecute those responsible for violence against civilian populations.”

    29. More than 250,000 Jewish were labeled as “Displaced Persons” after WWII ended and from 1945-1952 they lived in camps and centers in Germany, Austria, and Italy while trying to find their families

    30. Prisoners at the Auschwitz concentration camp were given tattoos with a number so that they could be identified

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    Hold your horses. You are mixing up casualties of war with mass persecution and extermination of a single ethnic group? That is like comparing apples with oranges. And if what you are talking about was the genocide of the Ukrainians by Stalin, that started before WWII and it wasn't brought to light until the fall of the Soviet Union. Genocide is not a new thing, however, it was the Holocaust what put the word "genocide" in the collective minds. The first time such an act was actually recognized as a crime was during the Nuremberg trials, which were seen throughout the world.

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