Hotel Renting Age In Ohio?

I am looking to go to Cedar Point this summer with some friends. We have 8 people who are all 18 years of age. Can we get a hotel in Ohio? Or do we have to be 21?

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    Most hotels in Ohio, especially those affiliated with chains, require at least one guest to be 21. However, there are many lodging facilities in the Cedar Point area, and if you call, you may find one willing to reserve rooms for your group. It's possible that any facility renting to 18-year-olds will want a credit card and might charge a security fee, limiting credit availability on the card, so check that possibility.

    Here are a couple locally owned motels that may be available to 18-year-olds (their websites are silent on the issue):

    You can use Trip Advisor to check for other local motels in Sandusky, Huron or Port Clinton.

    Another cheaper and perhaps better option may be available, however.

    Ohio's East Harbor State Park is superb and is located very near Cedar Point. They have two cabins, each of which accommodates 5 persons, each for $55/night. A two-night stay is required. Nothing at the state park site mentions an age requirement. However, this is not a place to go to party! If you're interested, you need to book the cabins immediately, as even now there are only a few nights when both cabins are available during the summer. Be certain to check to see if there are any unpublished age requirements.

    If you have camping equipment, you also could consider camping at East Harbor if you'll be driving to Cedar Point. Nobody will worry about you damaging your own camping equipment, assuming Ohio doesn't have a minimum age for renting campsites.

    Maumee Bay State Park also has four cabins capable of sleeping up to 11 adults (mix of bed types so check if they meet your needs). The park is relatively close to Cedar Point, but not as close as East Harbor, and is more expensive than East Harbor as guests also have access to the park's lodge amenities. The park also offers much cheaper rent-a-camp units and a yurt, but with no access to lodge amenities.

    If you want to book cottages or other "getaways" at the state parks, again do so ASAP. Campgrounds also go quickly.

    Here are other campgrounds in the Cedar Point area:

    BOL on finding lodging because you would be certain to have a great time, assuming the weather is good!

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    It's up to each hotel or motel to set their own age minimums. I strongly recommend you make reservations in advance and check their age requirements so you're not left without rooms.

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    I don't think so that they required age to book a hotel.

    my advice is, Find some hotels online that are close to Ceder Park, and call them for and ask info u want.

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    I don't consider that is true

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    Great question

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