WHY does the LDS (mormon) church fight against abortion like they fight gay marriage?

Mormon money funded most of Prop 8 to spread the word to voters in California.

The LDS leaders did do a few satellite broadcasts to members (in church buildings) asked the members for time and money to fight to pass prop 8. Many went door to door to find votes.

The LDS church itself gave some money to fund the fight also.

BUT why is the LDS church not put the same fight into stopping abortion?

I mean that is (their belief of) innocent spirits in Heaven getting a body and they being killed before birth.

AND gay marriage according to LDS belief is just earthly and will not continue in Heaven after death, right? ok...

SO what the deal with this?

Why is the LDS church so focused on certain issues and not OTHER more vital issues "to believers" according to the big picture? as in Heaven and eternity to them?


There has never been a fight against abortion (in a banning it) like the gay marriage fight the LDS church gave. *Just saying.

Update 2:

Jakob, why not let a gay person "choose" to marry??

Update 3:

Jakob, the LDS church leadership gave two specific satellite broadcasts addressing Prop 8.

The first one was led by "apostle" Robert D. Hales.

The next one was with LDS leaders M. Russell Ballard, Quentin L. Cook and L. Whitney Clayton.

I am not talking about general conference. :)

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  • phrog
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    10 years ago
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    individual money funded prop 8. yea, some of the individuals were mormon. and many mormons supported the opposite side of the issue as well.

    records filed with the State of California indicate that the church did not make any contributions with the exception of an "in kind" contribution (non monetary) for some travel expenses.

    ALL other LDS-related money was contributed by church members individually, not by the church.

    and again - LDS members contributed to both sides.

    For Proposition 8

    In-State Donations $25,388,955

    Out-of-State Donations $10,733,582

    Total Donations $36,122,538

    Against Proposition 8

    In-State Donations $26,464,589

    Out-of-State Donations $11,968,285

    Total Donations $38,432,873

    Totals $51,853,544 $22,701,867 $74,555,411

    Contributions may be verified in the California Secretary of State California Filings Searchable Database

    (I think these are finalized numbers but am not completely sure)

    now - clarification: and actually it is BECAUSE the LDS keep the "big picture" in mind.

    the LDS church is supportive of civil unions, domestic partnerships, and have even gone to bat for G&L rights in other areas such as housing. what the LDS are opposed to is legislating gay "marriage" and forcing support, recognition, and acceptance of such on those who do not agree with the concept.

    the stance on abortion is much the same. except in extenuating circumstances, abortion is something the LDS do not support, but they also recognize that we each have free agency. if there were laws mandating such as would go against that - the LDS would probably be in there swinging.

    for those wondering about it - acts considered very serious sins include: murder, rape, sexual abuse, theft, or fraud

    other acts also considered to be serious sins by the church include: adultery, fornication, homosexual acts, and submitting to, encouraging, or performing an abortion except in cases where competent medical authority has determined that the mother and/or fetus' life is in serious jeopardy by a continued pregnancy. these are all kind of lumped together in one group of moral sins - although I believe the first bunch (murder, etc) are more serious.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    If this were purely a civil rights issue, then the church wouldn't have gotten involved at all. The issue concerning same-sex marriage, however, is not simply a civil issue. It touches on fundamental Christian beliefs, which makes it a moral problem...and a church has every right to get involved in a problem they believe offends or at least concerns God. In any case, though, the Mormon church didn't spend any tithing money on this cause. Tithing money only goes towards upkeep of buildings and the like (not even to salaries). Members donated privately, but when the tallies were made, those private donations all went under the heading of the LDS (Mormon) church. That being the case, this question is a bit moot.

  • 10 years ago

    It seems that this whole thing has become a fight over semantics, definitions, and connotations. I'm all for people being able to choose who they live with and enjoying all the benefits of being in a healthy relationship. I just see the word "marriage" as meaning a religious or spiritual union between a man and a woman and a "civil union" means a relationship recognized by the state. Personally I think the government should just step out of the whole situation and let people, churches, and organizations decide how they want to treat relationships for themselves.

    Anyway, we do fight against abortion, but in that case, most of the fights are older and there were many other organizations getting press, like the hate crimes.

  • 10 years ago

    Phrog has it right. the LDS are very big on personal responsibility and free agency. and abortion is a personal choice. they will counsel against it and let you know that it is not ok with the church - but the choice is yours. ss relationships are the same - personal choice. the difference is that by demanding the use of the term marriage (as opposed to civil unions or partnerships) homosexuals are trying to demand a legal endorsement of their relationship. the LDS will not dictate what they choose to do - but we have every right to fight against what they try to make us accept.

    now a question for you --- do you really not get this stuff? or do you just like to ignore the real answers you get? I just notice that you ALWAYS ask questions of mormons and then pick and answer from a non-mormon that comes close to agreeing with what you wanted to "point out" in the first place (which is never what the LDS believe anyway).

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  • 10 years ago

    Pro gay rights and prochoice agnostic here.

    I think the Prop 8 is horrible, but the Mormons are probably doing it because they are trying to change what they can on earth. Pro-lifers are usually concerned about the unborn child. Well, if Mormons think the child will go to heaven ethier way, then they are probably only against the women who did and see them as killers.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You need to correct your question. It contradicts your statement. The church hasn't been focused on any particular issue. The church focuses on those major elements of society that are destructive to the family. When you are baptized into the church being a female, you are specifically asked if you have ever had an abortion. That being part of the interview questions for baptism is telling enough that the church does do the part to uphold the family.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    When it comes to politics, the LDS church does not tell its members what to vote for, and does not ask them for money to vote one way or another. We do not agree to, and thus will not support abortion, or gay marriage.

    We did not put a 'fight' into prop 8, nor will we in the issue of abortion. We believe strongly in free agency (aka the right to choose your actions for yourself) and will advise you against abortion or gay marriage, and will tell you the eternal consequences, but will leave it to you to choose.

    Source(s): Been an LDS member for almost 9 years now, and I've watch the general conferences (those satellite addresses you mentioned) and they told us to vote for what we believe is right and true. It did not tell us what side to vote for.
  • 10 years ago

    ANOTHER generalization!

    Not all Latter-day Saints (aka Mormons) are against gay marriages or completely against abortions. Some of us, myself included believe that gays should have their rights, but we wish for them to leave "marriage" alone. We believe that marriage is between one man and one woman, and family is important to us.

    As for abortions, it is a very touchy subject, moreso than gay relationships in my opinion. Some, like myself believe that in cases such as rape, incest, or health reasons a woman should be able to choose whether she keeps the child or not, but we encourage adoption instead.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    they do, it just doesn't get as much press.

    Also, don't forget their involvement in blocking the Equal Rights Amendment back in the 70's.

    Source(s): Former mormon, living in Utah.
  • 10 years ago

    Not being a Mormon, I will venture a guess.I'll bet there against murder as well as Homosexuality as a sin of abomination?

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