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Anonymous asked in TravelCaribbeanOther - Caribbean · 1 decade ago

Under age in jamaica?

So i was planning to go to jamaica and im 15. So you got any tips for me? Please i want no comments that say: you are tooo yooung.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you have some major obstacles to get over in order for you to even be in jamaica.

    first off, someone under the age of 18 cannot legally, for most airlines, purchase a plane ticket unless you have parental consent. if your parents are ok with you going, then have them purchase the ticket for you, or have someone over the age of 18 purchase it for you.

    i would think the hardest obstacle for you being under the age of 18 would be getting pass immigration in jamaica, especially if you are traveling alone. they are not interested in becoming known as a country that allows, what is considered a child, into the country without knowing for certain they are staying with relatives or have parental consent (good example, natalie holloway [google her name]). i would contact immigration to find out what you need to do to get around these restrictions. there is nothing like making the journey out to jamaica, and crossing the beautiful water, landing on the island, and waiting in the immigration line, excitement welling, only for them to tell you that you have to go back. you definitely want to have this all squared away before you leave.

    if you actually make it into jamaica, this would be my tip...

    jamaica is EXTREMELY dangerous, especially for someone young, touring, and alone. don't think that they wont know you are a tourist, they will. don't think that they wont know you are young, they will. and don't think they wont know you are alone...they will. you would need to be more than extremely careful. i would advise that you do not go by yourself at all. i have been to jamaica many times and have lived there and there is not a chance in hell i would travel the streets by myself (talking about the ghetto, not the tourist areas). i know that america has this idea of jamaica being this cool, peaceful place but they have a very high murder rate and at one point was coined "the murder capital of the world"

    i would be most concerned for your safety and for getting taken advantage of, if you get through immigration. i am not saying you would get taken advantage of because of your age, i am just saying that in general because you are alone. when i say taken advantage of i don't mean sexually, i mean financially. be careful, and do some thorough research before you go

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    Hello, I have been going to Jamaica for over 20 years on vacation. My ONE most biggest peace of advise for you is to be EXTREMELY careful. Jamaica may seem like a beautiful peaceful island, and dont get me wrong it is WHEN you are at the resort or on a tour at a tourist destination. But once you are on the streets and alone, God only knows what can go wrong. Getting a place ticket is your first issue on hand, you will need an adult to buy you one and sign a consent, second, the resort you are staying at will most likely only allow you to stay if you are 18 or older. Third, immigration will be another issue. I dont know how your parents are allowing you espically at such a young age travel all by yourself to the carribbean!? But good luck, and hope you have a fun trip.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You'll be fine, they never ID at any of the clubs as long as you don't look too young. I really hope you're not going on your own though. You haven't told us whether you're going to say in the tourist area or with family but either way Jamaica is beautiful and not as dangerous as people make out. The major cities in England are far worse.

    Source(s): I'm a Jamaican who lives between Jamaica and the UK
  • 1 decade ago

    Going with family? Friends?

    Getting an adult to book the trip?

    If you're staying at an all-inclusive place, just have an adult book the trip and tell the hotel you are 18 or older. Once you get there, they're going to greet you immediately with your all-inclusive bracelets, so at that point you have to make sure you get an adult bracelet, not a kids one.

    Other than that, it should be simple except if you go to buy booze at a store. They may ID you, and if you don't have proper adult ID, who knows what they'll do.

    One other thing: going to clubs and bars, you might need an ID. I can't remember what they did the 1st time I was there, but I'm thinking they checked ID at the door of Margaritaville and some clubs. Maybe find one of someone who you look a little bit alike.

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  • 7 years ago

    i went to visit family in jamaica when 8 years old with mum and brothers.

    never go alone, and if you only 15 i wouldn't advise it.


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