Book would you read let alone buy it?!?!?!?

The book is about this girl named Camille Dublin (uh like in up). And she has a friend named Tori (Typical rich, not the smartest kid) and then a friend named Ethan (a nine year old genius in their grade). Then Camille moves to California and isn't fitting in at all. Then the this eight grader named Athena (I knew a girl in elementary school named Athena) Grizzly becomes her friend. And then the two most popular seventh graders Vanity Fair and Cali Pride get jealous of Camille and she becomes their 'friend'. Then Camille starts making a bunch of lies about her life. Then Tori and Ethan come to Cali for Camille's thirteenth B-day and the lies unravel.


First of all this book isn't for you then. Second of all her name is Vanity because she's the bad guy and very prideful and Vanity means prideful. Yes, I know it's a magazine where do you think I got it from you have to think to get it. Obidane

Update 2:

Ya'll should probaly know tthis is a book for tweens and girls around that age. So try to find the young girl in you and see if you would read it. LOL

Update 3:

Trust me it won't be a typical ending.

Update 4:

THE Sam to tell you the truth you have it perfectly it's a teen book. And I guess it is suppose to be a Farce LOL.

Update 5:

Here you can actually read the book if you want.

Update 6:

Roonie97 I liked your book it really caught my attention. I even posted my book on the site if you could can you please take a peak thanks.

Update 7:

Oh it's called Gucci's Not Everything for right now at least or could you get your younger sis to read it. Appreciate it thx.

Update 8:

I learned what a Farce meant (LOL) yes I didn't want to put to much time into deloping those to chracters so I named them something slightly discreat but still catchy.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes as long as their wasn't a typical ending, like everything sorts itself out and everyone lives 'happily-ever-after'. I say this because there are many books similar to this plot, add a twist and it would be AMAZING.!!

    (the twist has to be shocking/ horrendous/ gory/ a death??

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  • 10 years ago

    No offense, but it sounds like a teen book. I'm not a teenager so I wouldn't take it seriously or buy it. I agree with something else someone said, you really should put some thought into the names of your characters. Naming them Vanity Fair or Cali Pride, really makes it sound like a farce (over the top comedy that is meant to make the audience groan)

    Source(s): English Major/Currently writing my own novel
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  • 10 years ago

    Wouldn't read or buy, and I'm not sure you should name someone Vanity Fair.

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  • 10 years ago

    No. I would never read that. Ever.

    However, a lot of people would. I would buy it for my younger sister, she likes those books.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Uhm, negative.

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