Which NFL players and coaches were the best to ever play for your team?

Create a roster of the best players for your favorite NFL team.

QB: Dan Marino & Bob Griese

FB: Larry Csonka

RB: Mercury Morris, Ricky Williams

WR: Paul Warfield, Mark Duper

TE: Dan Johnson

Tackle: James Brown, Richmond Webb

Guard: Bob Kuechenberg, Larry Little

Center: Jim Langer, Dwight Stephenson

DE: Jason Taylor, Vern Den Herder

DT: Manny Fernandez, Tim Bowens

LB: Zach Thomas, Bob Matheson, Kim Bokamper, Bob Brudzinski

Safeties: Dick Anderson, Jake Scott

CB: Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison

K: Olindo Mare

P: Reggie Roby,

Most versatile: Jim Jenson

Coach: Don Shula

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    Coach: Bill Walsh

    QB: Joe Montana, Stave Young

    RB: Roger Craig, Ricky Watters

    TE: Vernon Davis, Brent Jones

    WR: Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Jason Taylor

    C: Jesse Sapolu

    G: John Ayers, Guy McIntyre

    T: Bob St. Claire, Harris Barton

    FB: Tom Rathman

    DT: Bryant Young, Leo Nomellini

    DE: Fred Dean, Kevin Fagan

    LB: Ken Norton, Charles Haley, Dave Wilcox

    CB: Eric Wright, Jimmy Johnson

    S: Ronnie Lott, Tim McDonald

    K: Ray Wersching

    P: Tommy Davis

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    QB: Matt Ryan + Steve Bartkowski

    FB: Ovie Mughelli

    RB: William Andrews + Warrick Dunn

    WR: Roddy White + Terrance Mathis

    TE: Alge Crumpler

    Tackle: Bob Whitfield + Todd Weiner

    Guard: Harvey Dahl + Kynan Forney

    Center: Jeff Van Note + Todd McClure

    DE: Patrick Kerney + Claude Humphrey

    DT: Rod Coleman + Johnathan Babineaux

    LB: Jessie Tuggle + Keith Brooking + Tommy Nobis

    CB: DeAngelo Hall + Ray Buchanon

    FS: Eugene Robinson

    SS: Lawyer Milloy

    K: Jason Elam

    P: Chris Mohr + Michael Koenen

    Most Versatile: Jason Snelling

    Coach: Dan Reeves + Mike Smith

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    QB: Joe Namath & Vinny Testvader

    FB: Tony Rich

    RB: Curtis Martin & George Sour

    WR: Don Marnard & Wanye Cherbet

    TE: Dustin Keller

    Tackle: D-Brick, Woody

    Guard: Alan Fanca, Bradon Moore

    Center: Nick Mangold, Kevin Mawe

    DE: Mark Gastneau, Shawn Ellis

    DT: Joe Kelco, Kris Jennkis

    LB: David Harris Bart Scott Mo Lewis Pace

    CB: Darrelle Revis, TY Law

    SS: Jimm Leonard & Kerry Rhodes

    K: Jay Feely

    P: Matt Turk

    The Best Of Jets Curtis Martin

    Coach Rex Ryan

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    This list only consists of players I have actually watched play. It is not a collection of players I have read about or have watched old footage of.

    QB: Phil Simms (If Eli continues to improve like he has the last two years he will take this spot)

    FB: Charles Way

    RB: Tiki Barber

    WR: Amani Toomer (I give him the edge over

    TE: Mark Bavaro

    Tackle: Jumbo Elliot

    Guard: Chris Snee

    Center: Shaun O'Hara

    DE: Michael Strahan

    DT: Keith Hamilton

    LB: Lawrence Taylor

    Safeties: Greg Jackson

    CB: Mark Collins

    K: Matt Bahr

    P: Jeff Feages

    Most versatile: Dave Megget

    Coach: Bill Parcells

    Source(s): Pass that Yo!!
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    QB: Dan Fouts, Phillip Rivers

    FB: Lorenzo Neal

    RB: Ladanian Tomlinson, Chuck Muncie

    WR: Lance Alworth, Vincent Jackson

    TE: Kellen Winslow, Antonio Gates

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    Vinnie Testeverde/Joe Flacco/Trent Dilfer. QB Kind of a logjam of pretty good. I would be hesitant to be using words like best or great with them.

    Jamal Lewis. RB

    Derrick Mason. WR This will change the second I see Anquan Boldin catch a pass.

    Shannon Sharpe TE

    Jonathan Ogden OL

    Tony Siragusa DT

    Terrell Suggs DE

    Ray Lewis LB

    Ed Reed S

    Chris McAllister CB

    Matt Stover K

    Whoever our punter is now is good and I can't think of his name.

    Most versatile: Rod Woodson. He only played one position, but he went to Baltimore and switched to safety and went to the Pro Bowl after being an all time great corner.

    Coach Billick, I guess. Though I always like Marchibroda.

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    RB: Jim Brown Coach: Paul Brown

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    properly maximum of the vendors have grow to be organizations. they have grow to be "energetic" in judgements to be able to earn further money.i'd almost guarntee Al Davis became the purely one which performed. The Steelers, owned enormous apple the Rooney kinfolk, is in no way considered as cative contained in the guidance selections yet good day a minimum of they scout gamers. inspite of each little thing the scout who got here across Willie Parker became artwork Rooney II.

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    Texans fan here and lol, my team hasn't been around that long to have the best ever list.

    BTW, Mercury Morris was/is a douchebag

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