why do people use the confederate flag for use of racizum ?

im an african american i just want to basically know why is there a such thing as racism i think its stupid to be racist

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    10 years ago
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    I couldn't agree with you more about the stupidity of racism, sweetie. Working as a nurse in a juvenile hall I had to draw blood from one of the minors. This was when I first started there - I was pretty naive. He had a tattoo on his arm that said, "SWP". To make conversation as I stuck him, I asked what that meant. He replied "Supreme White Power" and beamed at me as if I would be in agreement, simply because I am also white. I finished the draw, pulled out the needle, and as I applied pressure to the site I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Now see, I thought it stood for Stupid White Person, so you wouldn't forget what you are." A few years later, (he was in and out of the Hall a lot - now he's in and out of the adult facilities) after he got back from ER to get his head stitched up, I commented to him that he didn't know what pain was yet. He thought I meant he'd be in more pain the next day, and said so (he'd been jumped by some kids in the Hall). I corrected him. I pointed to his tattoos, he'd gotten more and ALL were racist, and told him that when you greet the world with hatred you get hatred right back.

    Anyway, the confederate flag was the flag of the South, where slavery was common practice. People who display that flag now are often white supremacists making a statement that blacks should have been kept in their place. Of course, this is ignorance, and most supremacists today are poorly educated and hateful. We need stronger laws.

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    I support the flag personally.. But dont let the idiots who use it for reasons other than heritage or history convey a bad image to you about it. Some skinhead factions use the American flag at their rallies. You cant control what idiots claim a symbol to be or stand for, all you can do is ignore it and try to not let the use of that symbol soil your interpretation of what it means, unless it was one CREATED for the principle of hatred.

    Actually, the Confederate flag, or St. Andrews cross is a variation of the Confederate forces battle flag, the Stainless Banner. The Klu Klux Klan "adopted" the flag as their own symbol after the war ended. What's funny is people consider the Confederate Flag and emblem of slavery, when in fact, the American flag, and its prior forms flew over slavery for 225 years.. Whereas the Confederate flag only was flown for 4 years. The majority of people you see with the flag on their car or a sticker or on their short arent supporting slavery in any form, I certainly don't. They are however supporting the South's defiance, in doing much like the forefathers of this country did and fighting oppression through unfair taxation and invasion of land. The South went to war due to these land invasions, which eventually became extremely violent on slave holders. Several plantation owners were shot down or murdered in cold blood, by yankee supporters. The American colonies uprising and secession from the British is very similar to the Confederate secession from the North.

    But enough on the history lesson lol

    Just dont let a few bad apples spoil the bunch

    Source(s): lots and lots and LOTS of research! lol
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    The confederate flag is a symbol to alot of people, of the Souths use of slaves to work their plantations. The Civil war was started not because of slavery but because of the Federal govt, trying to impose more control over the states. When the southern states seceded from the country and wanted to form their own country that's when the federal govt intervened. Slavery was wrong to be sure but there were people in the north who owned slaves also. The only way I can see racism ending if we stop using these names , like irish american, and just say I am an American. I try very hard to see everybody as a human being irregardless of their color or nationality. We have got to put aside this color issue and be Americans if we ever hope to do away with racism.

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    The confederate flag doesn't stand for racism. It stands for pride for being from the south. Pride in our forefathers who fought against the north for what they believed in. Despite what you may think, they Civil war was not about slaves. The majority of the north could have cared less about slaves. The civil war was about taxes the north was putting on the south. It was about money, not slaves. The confederate flag has nothing to do with racism. There were slaves in the north too. there just weren't as many plantations in the north, so they had other jobs.

    I have lineage to men who fought from the beginning to the end and others who died in battle and it is a symbol of pride. just like you see all the other nations flags dangling from their rear view mirror in their cars. Pride

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    10 years ago

    Prejudice is as old as time. I'm a firm believer of the natural balance in this world ie. black/white, good/bad, positive/negative and all the gray areas in between. In my personal opinion I believe the world couldn't survive with one and not the other. You can't know love without knowing hate and you can't hate without knowing love.

    So in terms of racism there will always be a balance of those who are racist and those who are not. There is a reason for everything in this world whether it be good or bad, right or wrong.

    To Add:

    The Confederate flag is meant for the Confederate union, I remember my old history teacher had one hanging in his classroom. Not because he was prejudice (that would be very awkward as he was Caucasian and his wife Ethiopian)

    But he was a lover of that period, of what it stood for as he was a history buff.

    People as they do many things, misconstrue the true meaning of particular icons. In modern history we have associated the Confederate flag as a symbol of white "red- necks" who have a warped sense of thinking that "the blacks" should be enslaved and the power "once again" goes back to the white man.. Like I said, warped sense of thinking. It's those people that give that flag a bad name. The Confederate flag is "supposed to mean" a symbol of heritage and the freedom of the cultural tradition of the South as that of the Northern government.

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    We have a similar problem in England with Racists using the English flag as a banner for racism.

    Now its become a problem to display the countries flag because people might think you are racist.

    Its important to claim these symbols back fromt he racists

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    I am not disagreeing with you in any way.. I do have a questions for YOU. If you are so NON racist, why don't you just call yourself an american? Why do you need to differentiate yourself by heritage that you have NOTHING to do with. Have you EVER been to Africa? Did you immigrate from there? If you did then I retract my question..

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    Because if they used a nazi flag they'd get put in jail.

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