Why doesn't AIPAC (Israeli Lobby) register itself as a foreign agent.?

Questioning the Lobby is BAD - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O125hGt9qt4

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Jimmy Carter - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDKw0f95k7Q

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Honestly, there is no problem with Israel influencing America's foreign policies. France, Brits, and the Saudis do it. But they follow a code of conduct by registering themselves as foreign agents. This just leads people to believe that Israel, America is ONE, which is NOT the case.

Why do Israeli Lobbies like AIPAC confuse the people into thinking that A threat to Israel's national security is a threat to America? Give me a break, Hezbollah was always and ONLY a threat to Israel yet, $3.2 billion of taxpayer money goes into Israel to "protect itself" from homemade rockets which kill 0-3 people a year and responses with America's D-530 missiles killing 70-80 Palestinians.

Doesn't our favoritism towards Israel just increase this threats from other Mid-East nations?

Thanks in advance.


You're right. An Oil tycoon named J.D Rockefeller, and Industrialist Banker JP Morgan. It's now become impossible to question this Israeli regime. When you do, you're either labeled anti-semite, or a self-hating jew (because we all know that most Jews like the Noam Chomsky prof at M.I.T are against the oppression happening there... btw, here is an un bias video I found extremely helpful and educational on youtube. I felt like I've read I've read 3 books on the Gold Standard, a book on the depression, and a few books on the Federal reserve:


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    AIPAC is the most poweful lobby in the world not only the U.S. They want to be registered as an American entity and this is their choic not you me or anyone can do anything becasue we will be immediatly be labeled as anti semitic.

    I have to be honest here and speak from my heart about this issue; American polticans obey Israel and will send their brave country men to fight for Israel; Jews control America, this happened in 1913 when American politicians were bought out by Europe elite bankers the Rothschilds through his sidekick Warburg were able to control the money supply of the U.S when the bribed traitors in congress voted for the creation of the Fed Reserve bank; and through their ever growing wealth they bought most politicians on the right and left through supporting their election campaigns, they bought the media (minds and thoughts) and other infulential positions which means they own us and will give support for their true mother land (Israel) over the U,S at any time. check links and discover truths

    Youtube the creature from Jekyll Island on the creation of the Fed



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    i do not think lobbies have have an result on on the applicants for the era of an election. yet lobbies have an dazzling have an result on urgent the flesh of the legislatures once the baby-kisser is in place of work. The data how marvelous AIPAC is can could be measured in what number furnish funds are dispensed to their reason, to that end, the country of Israel. the U. S. branch of State will be very reluctant to itemize by international locations how our money is being spent. notwithstanding the in line with annum verify in accordance to Israeli citizen the U. S. expends is about $20k / $24k. because we are going to modernize Israel's air force, a guard contractor in fort well worth will carry that is assembly plant in introduction. that is how tricky the circumstances can finally end up to be. Dubya, surely, an influential baby-kisser who occurs to go back decrease back from Texas. Russia and China are prohibited by regulation -- artifact of the Commie Hunt Days -- from lobbying the U. S. Congress. Russia, expressly, would request they're in a position to foyer. Russia has oil fields in progression. Russia wish to representative our Congress.

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    Because they are not foreign agents. I suggest that you read up on the US laws that cover lobbying by persons/orginizations that do not carry the legal status of 'US persons.'

    Here is a clue - ignore Jimmy Carter. He is nothing more than a failed president who is demonstrating thet he never really learned anything during his four years in office.

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    because they are dishonest

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