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How can people actually like metal music?

like the stuff with tons of growling and screaming in it? i just dont get it.... stuff like cannibal corpse, gorogroth, dimmu borgir, etc its just scary and disturbing. id honestly rather listen to disney pop, at least its mindless and catchy

i admit i very am very uninformed about metal but whatever.

i do like some stuff like iron maiden, mars volta (is that metal?) and avenged sevenfold (i know all you elitists will put me down but whatever) stuff that is actually somewhat melodic and the vocals are coherent

please enlighten me to this mystery

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    Because metal is not just "stuff with tons of growling and screaming in it", Cannibal Corpse are death metal, Gorogoroth and Dimmu Borgir are black metal. Three metal bands don't represent everything about metal

    There are tons of different subgenres of metal, Symphonic, Doom, Thrash, Folk, Progressive, and so on. A lot of metal bands have singers who use "clean" vocals.

    Try listening to these bands, maybe they'll change your mind about metal:

    - Ensiferum

    - Nightwish

    - Epica (they have a back-up singer who does death growls, but their lead singer sings clean)

    - Dream Theater

    - Judas Priest

    - Megadeth

    - Rage Against the Machine (they're not "pure" metal as some would say, they have rapping vocals, so it's rap-metal)

    Metal music is also much more deep and requires more thought to interpret than disney pop, not to mention it covers a wide variety of topics. For example, Dream Theater writes many songs on philosophy, human emotions, and the meaning of life. Many metal bands, such as Ensifeurm, Amon Amarth, Iced Earth, and even Iron Maiden write songs about mythology and fantasy, which have a lot more meaning than any disney pop

  • Ok, so I'm going to start by saying that i pretty much despise every band you mentioned up there (on both sides of the equation), but there are many metal bands that are much more melodic. What you listed were all either traditional death or black metal. The most "disturbing" (speed based, atonal/chromatic riffs that don't sound traditionally pleasant)

    However there are many different sub-genres to the metal branch of music. Progressive metal can incorporate so many musical sounds that you'll forget you're even listening to metal at times.

    And also, just because there's a person screaming in the song doesn't mean that what the guitars and other instruments are doing are completely trash. That's what bugs me the most is when people write off metal JUST because of the vocals. There are other aspects too, ya know.

    Source(s): Bands: Between the Buried and Me Cynic Animals as Leaders (instrumental group) Fellsilent Isis Mastodon Opeth (damnation album especially) Pagan's Mind Protest the Hero the list goes on.....
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    To each his own.

    I love metal, but for me, I cross the line if the vocals are really bad. For example, I love Priest and Maiden, but some guy grunting into a microphone doesn't do it for me either. So I do think you make a point about it being melodic. If you get past the fact that it involves electric guitars and high volume, Maiden's music is really quite intricate and complicated if you really listen to it closely.

    But at the end of the day, musical taste is a highly personal thing. As for me, I can't understand in the least why anybody likes rap, but obviously a lot of people do.

    Source(s): Good luck and God Bless.
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    Ok thats not a good exchange, I will admit, I do dislike death metal, screamo and all of that. I can enjoy instrumentals from bands like them, but Disney pop?? Never. NEVER! I have never even heard of Mars Volta, but I listen to Avenged Sevenfold and Iron Maiden. Avenged Sevenfold used to do the growls (sort of) but I agree with everythin you said, with the exception of Disney pop, I would rather listen to the sound of babies dying than listen to either one of those...

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    First of All - Cannibal Corpse is Death Metal. If you dont like Death Metal there are other genres in 'metal'.

    I personally like crossover thrash or thrash. There are allot of bands with different sounds and themes. Dayglo Abortions are catchy, so is Anthrax and Carnivore.

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    Um I can't really enlighten you but I think it sounds awesome and has a good beat. But I'm the same with techno and dance, I don't understand how people can like it, it just sounds repetitive and boring to me and way too synthesised. To each their own I guess.

    Oh and to all the people saying metal is angry, scary music...try listening to the lyrics before judging. It's usually much more meaningful than the usual pop shite that's about sex or getting dumped. Oh and they can actually play instruments...weird....

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    Everyone has a different taste in music...It depends on my mood. Like, sometimes when I'm running, i listen to hard core screamo to keep me going. Just depends on the dont have to like heavy metal.

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    I love metal music. There are so many different types of metal. You would have to force me to listen to that DIsney crap, pop, country or rap.

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    metal useualy has great storys and meanings in there music. the lyrics are epic and when u acually read them and follow along with the song you will see it's not just screaming and growling. it's emotion empowering the words

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    Some people have alot of anger in them,listening to heavy metal music can sometimes help them "vent" there anger,i personally don't like or hate it,i used to listen to loads of it when i was younger,but just grew out of it when i got older!

    Sometimes heavy metal just appeals to people,just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people cant,everyone's ears appeal to different sounds,you just don't like metal,don't down those who do,just because i've grown away from it i wouldn't go comparing it to listening to " disney pop" ***'on man,respect other peoples music tastes..

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