Why is Rooney getting the title as best player in the world but no one mentions Drogba?

Premier League

Rooney Games 29 Goals 26 Assists 3..........So accountable for 29 goals in 29 games

Drogba Games 26 Goals 24 Assists 7..........So accountable for 31 goals in 26 games

Champions League

Rooney Games 5 Goals 4 Assists 1..........So accountable for 5 goals in 5 games

Drogba Games 5 Goals 3 Assists 0..........So accountable for 3 goals in 5 games

Carling Cup

Rooney Games 3 Goals 2 Assists 1..........So accountable for 3 goals in 3 games

Drogba Games 2 Goals 2 Assists 0..........So accountable for 2 goals in 2 games

FA Cup

Rooney Games 1 Goals 0 Assists 0..........So accountable for 0 goals in 1 games

Drogba Games 2 Goals 1 Assists 1..........So accountable for 2 goals in 2 games


Rooney Games 38 Goals 32 Assists 5..........So accountable for 37 goals in 38 games

Drogba Games 35 Goals 30 Assists 8..........So accountable for 38 goals in 35 games

So why is Rooney hailed as the best striker in the world? Why was he (for at least one week) considered better than Messi buy some people and TV pundits? Drogba has contributed 1 more goal in three less games. So he is not even the best striker in the PL....

Is it because he's English and plays for Man Utd or?

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  • Walken
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    10 years ago
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    I'm definitely not against those people. The best player award could be determined according to a player's performance in a World Cup tournament or the Champions League. Wayne Rooney is proving that he can be the best player in the World based on his performance in the past few matches in the Champions League. He scored goals both away and home against AC Milan and so on. Manchester United is still in the Champions League though, but where is Chelsea? The Champions League is the only tournament that could give Drogba a chance in becoming the World's player but Chelsea couldn't make it.

    Wayne Rooney's national team, which is England, is also performing extremely well at the moment. In the opposite, Didier Drogba's national team, which is Côte d’Ivoire, might not even make it to the next round in the World Cup tournament. I assume Brazil and Portugal are the only two teams out of the four that will move on to the next round. I'm not trying to say that Didier Drogba can't be the World's best player, but I don't see any hope for him. Who could predict Fabio Cannavaro as the World's best player in 2006? Drogba's club Chelsea couldn't make it to the Champions League final and his national team will be struggling in the World Cup. Of course Wayne Rooney should be getting the title as the best player in the World.

    He could have made it on step closer last year because Chelsea made it to the semi final. In the other side, Wayne Rooney wouldn't get the award because Cristiano Ronaldo was the leader in Manchester United. It would be a golden opportunity Drogba, if Chelsea won the Champions League. There would be no Wayne Rooney because it would be all about Drogba.

  • 10 years ago

    The real reason:

    Rooney plays for Manchester United which is more well known then Chelsea, secondly, Rooney is really a lone star on a United squad made up of old stars and young stars, so Rooney shines out of the crowd and people look at him as being the figurehead of Manchester, meanwhile Chelsea is crowded with allstar players, Terry, Lampard, Ballack, Anelka, etc so people find those players as the bulk of the Chelsea squad and so, Drogba doesn't shine like Rooney.

    Another big reason is that he's English and most people who run the soccer world (unfortunately) are English and so they cover most of the votes.

    In my opinion, Drogba is far better then Rooney, think of it this way, in that team of allstars, Drogba is the one who scores the goals meanwhile Rooney doesn't really have any competition in terms of getting the goals. Also, Anelka gets a lot of goals as well so Drogba has still manages to score almost the same as Rooney even with a very good striking partner who covers half the shots.

  • 10 years ago

    You are totally right! I do believe though it has something to do with the fact he is English and European. Its not a racist or prejudice issue, it may only be a marketing issue. For instance, Rooney is a lot younger so if he is the best striker today, he will attract more fans hence more money to Man U, Premiership, and ultimately European Football. It also has to do with the fact Man U has done better in Premiership and European competitions throughout history! Remember the ones who make these decisions are humans and I believe that, even though they probably don´t even realize, they are being influenced and are a bit biased because of small facts like the mentioned above.

  • husta
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    3 years ago

    Rooney hits 50 backyard balls to peoples ft on a conventional foundation, shall we see Drogba try this. Rooney has leaded the line by utilising himself plenty Rooney is greater effective Rooney is Rooney Rooney is greater disciplined Rooney is the white pele Rooney is going to win the premiership this season Rooney can play left wing, suited wing, striker, 2d striker or centre midfield

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Rooney is a better player than Drogba because he doesn't have the "supporting cast" that Drogba has.

    Drogba has Anelka,Lampard,Malouda and others who supply him or who he supplies.Rooney doesn't have that,

    Rooney only has Valencia who is consistent.Nani,Berbatov,and Park aren't as consistent enough and Scholes and Giggs are Aging while it will take a while before Obertan matures as a player.Mario Balottelli for example is a more complete player player than him.

    And Rooney is younger and quicker than Drogba.And his Understanding with Valencia is better than Drogba and his teamates tactical combinations.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    mate you are a god seriously, at last someone has put into purspective how good drog really is he not only scores goals for fun he makes goals for other players not only with assists but by taking defenders out of games, also

    hes stronger than rooney

    has better free kicks than rooney

    makes less mistakes than rooney

    has a better goal to game ratio than rooney

    and he contribuites more to a game than rooney

    hes in a different league to rooney (and obviously hes LEAGUES above torres)


  • 4 years ago

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  • 10 years ago

    probably cause drogba used to fall over every time there was a strong wind, now he stays up a bit more deserves to be up there with the best.... rooney is still a far better all round player though and still a youngster,, come on man u,,,

  • 10 years ago

    May be it's because Drogba is from Africa....Watch out for Ivory Coast at this world cup. They'll kick some a**...I wouldn't be surprised if they knock Portugal out in Group stages which according to me is 80% possible.

  • 10 years ago

    Somehow, I think some spanish and italian clubs might have something to say about the claim about Rooney.

    What about Messi?

    Although I do agree with you about Drogba ... then again, I am a Chelsea fan and absolutely HATE ManUre.

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