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Why so many scooters in Taiwan?

For a rich country like Taiwan, why are there so many scooters and motorbikes rather than cars? Similar countries like S Korea and Japan don't have the phenomenon.

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    Its smaller, so it doesn't take up much space, especially if you are in a city where there isn't a lot of room to park (Taipei) more convenient, etc...

    I think one car space on the street can fit like 5 to 10 scooters and that is just an safer estimate.

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    1. Its cheap

    2. Its small- park anywhere, for free (eg sidewalks)

    3. Its cooler on a scooter than in a car (unless you have ac on). Plus the wind helps dry sweat fairly quickly once you pull back the throttle

    4. Large enough to put groceries on- unlike say Japan or the states ppl generally don't live that far away from stores, hence less need for a car w/ big cargo space

    5. It's cheap to maintain compared to a car.

    6. It uses less gas.

    7. Not a big risk/loss if stolen (Taiwan has a bad petty crime rate).

    8. No real winter- w/ no snow, hail, slush, theres no need to drive in winter like in northern Asia.

    9. Easy to move around in traffic - zipping by and in between cars stuck in a jam.

    10. Unlike Japan, it's usually too hot most of the year for ppl to use bicycles.

    From the given reasons we can see a trend: the need for quick mode of transportation thats easy to store and cheap. Thus it's not an issue of economic standards, just scooters being the right product for Taiwan's circumstances.

    Cases in point: Japan has the mamachari, and Taiwan has the scooter. And what do we have? Big bulky SUVs so we can go to big box stores and load up on stuff we don't need.

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    Cars are relatively expensive and there isn't a great deal of space to park especially in the cities, despite almost every housing complex having subterranean car parking, therefore you will see many , and I mean many taxis and scooters. Scooters allow the young some independence, they are often the most practical solution for others, they are cheap to run/repair, far more economical, can be parked very easily outside shops/homes and are far quicker when going around built up areas. On the main rural routes, they're more fun than practical if I'm totally honest, especially with two up, and can really struggle up some of the steeper inclines.

    Source(s): Ridden scooters around Taiwan for ages.
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    What Carry_on_! and Lildude said about them being smaller and more capable to get around, easier for parking etc is one major reason that they continue to be the more popular choice for a means of transportation. BSherman (who normally only spouts crap, like the complete crap that is the first half of his answer) is right about them being more economic than a car, which is another reason for their popularity.

    4 years ago when I first got here, I was blown away by the countless numbers of scooters that dominate the island. So I asked one of my teachers about this and her response was that prior to becoming motorized Taiwan was a bicycle culture. Everyone had a bike and used it for getting around town, along with the buses and the trains for long distance. After they started to motorize the country people moved up from bicycles to motorbikes and scooters because most of the roads were built with bicycles in mind, so it was only logical. A second reason she gave was that transitioning from a bicycle to a motorbike is not a great leap since it requires basically the same mechanics as riding a bike.

    Cars which were expensive in the early days, were only purchased by companies and richer people who could afford them. Because of this owning a car was a class status symbol rather than just a means of transportation. Today people still view owning a car as sort of class status, since they are still fairly expensive to the average Taiwanese who's yearly salary is the price of a decent car. Although there are a lot of people do have cars, most of those people also have scooters, because by law you have to start out riding a scooter before you can get a drivers license for a car. (If I am mistaken on this law please correct me)

    @BSherman -->

    It looks like you are scraping the bottom of the barrel buddy because this has to be the farthest stretch you've made trying to connect two completely independent subjects.

    There is no connection to Taiwan's 10billion dollar military budget (3% of its GDP) and the fact that people don't own cars. IF you can make this connection then the PRC must be the best example of this because it is rare to meet people in China who have a car, or even a drivers license for a car. With over a billion people only a couple million or so can afford a car, thats must reflect badly on the CCP if your connection is true.

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    • Adolf6 years agoReport

      I don't think there's such a law since I got my driver license for car before I know how to ride motorcycle

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    counting on your state, your American DL might or won't be known in Taiwan. in spite of everything, you're able to have a motorbike licence till now you come back over. in case you purely have a conventional vehicle DL, you would be constrained to motorcycles under 50 cc--which skill no passenger and not something over 50 km/h tops. As a concentrated visitor, you could force on a worldwide DL for 6 months. As an alien resident, you purely have 2 months till now you will be able to desire to get an ROC DL. some human beings permit you to be attentive to to easily force illegally, however the effects of having caught utilising without a licence or (worse) having an accident are fairly severe. Your insurance is invalid, for one ingredient. you may get an outstanding scooter for NTD 20K, besides the incontrovertible fact that that's beneficial to pay greater for greater desirable reliablility. If it is your first holiday to Taiwan, i could relatively ingredient two times approximately getting a scooter suited away--or in any respect in case you reside in Taipei the place there is ideas-blowing public transporation. The site visitors rules are very distinctive, and that's extremely elementary for a remote places motive force to get harm. My insurance became into approximately sixty 5 US money in step with 12 months. A tank of ninety 5 octane gasoline is 5 USD, and my NTD 38K motorcycle required no longer something in 2 years different than tires and oil changes.

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    because scooters are awesome and people think they are fun and cool.

    (the other answers already covered the main points- climate, space, efficiency, cost. and many roads are small.) But I am the only one to state that they are just fun. Its like Return of the Jedi zooming through the forest on your land-speeder. (when you get on a mountain road relatively clear of traffic, anyways.)

    the main reason Korea and Japan don't have so many is the climate. If there is ice and snow, you don't want to scoot in that. That requires a box with wheels to stay warm.

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    Just to add a note to the other great answers here...

    Scooters are more useful in Taiwan than in Korea or Japan for one simple reason. Taiwan is a sub-tropical island, and the weather (aside from the typhoons) makes it easy to use them year-round.

    @Chubu - Right. Relatively few car driver's licenses in the PRC, but they outnumber the world in Yak Driver's licenses! BS even has one for driving the "Super-heavy Yakkity-yak-yak Yak". hahaha

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    haha coz its easy to handle, cheap and convenient! u dun need to look 4 place to park your scooter coz u can park almost everywhere..i duno why skorea and japan dun have much scooters.. and why does bsherman likes to talk crap everywhere.. LOL joker... seems like he like to entertain ppls life

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    Taiwan spends most of its money on military hardware and bribing American politicians. As a result, the Taiwanese people are forced to drive scooters rather than cars. The money shortage caused by Taiwan's military and political policies is called "The Great Empty Bucket".

    Looking on the positive side, scooters are very energy efficient and have a small carbon footprint. One gallon of fuel can propel a scooter for 70 or 80 miles, versus 15 or 20 miles for a car.

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