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What can i do to help my stretched ear heal faster?

okay, so i have recently just stretched my ears to a 7/16 from 00 gauge. The first day my ears felt fine, and then the next day my right ear started hurting alot and looking swollen. I immediatly took out my right plug and it started to bleed a little. After cleaning it good, i found out the problem was that i had a small tear and my fistula was coming out.. It doesnt look like a blow out but my question is what can ido to help my ears heal faster?

ATM i am doing sea salt soaks three times daily and applying neosporine after.


here is a link to my ear


to answer your questions, i am 16, do not smoke, and healthy

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    I'm a nurse practitioner/physician's assistant........I shouldn't use this as a diagnostic tool, but can you post a picture of the damaged ear?? And a "fistula" is a tunnel under the skin...... it is an abnormal connection or passageway between two epithelium-lined organs or vessels that normally do not connect.

    The healing process depends on a majority of factors: your overall health, age, smoker/non smoker (yes, it does make a difference) alcohol/no alcohol, recreational drug usage......

    I will star this and check back. Just trying to help you so that it doesn't get infected and then you're in deep..............

    Christopher K.

    EDIT: Continue with your cleansing method, you might want to use some rubbing alcohol, don't us Hydrogen Peroxide~that actually make it take longer to heal. And the Neosporin~ if you can get the CREAM not the OINTMENT, the cream does NOT occlude the wound, the ointment puts up a barrier. Clean 3X/day and apply the neosporin cream after you've dried the area. Best to you.........

    Source(s): NP/PA 26 years
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    Well it the itty bitty sizes, you don't necessarily need to wait 6 weeks, 4 will usually be sufficient. Though it doesn't necessarily mean they're healed if there's no pain at all. This is the case with fresh piercings too. :) My nose has been done a month and isn't sore... but it can't be healed yet. Now it does vary from person to person (and even piercing to piercing on the same person) but a good rule of thumb is that you should be able to slide the taper in without any pain in the space of about half a minute. If it won't go or it hurts, stop, take it out and wait another week before trying again. For most people in the largish sizes this will take around 6 weeks. But again it varies. You can get lucky, like I'd done my smaller stretches every 2 weeks and apart from once when i tried to skip a size I'd only got a bit of swelling. Though it seems I'd also by this point built up a fair bit of scarring (the inside of the fistula was very thick and pronounced and it was always red)so if I'd kept rushing it my ears would have probs got all wrinkly. But just because one person can do this and not have wrinkly holes or blood everywhere doesn't mean the next person can. Stretching is a very individual activity. Things you should definitely not get at all after a stretch are, blood and lymph/crusting. Sometimes there may be a little bit of redness or a tiny bit of swelling. If you have sensitive skin this is normal and will even happen when you oil massage, but if it doesn't subside within a few minutes it's not a good sign. Also your ear should not balloon. If it's puffed up to about twice it's usual size, there's been some damage done. So listen to your body - if it's resisting your stretching it's either not ready or the jump is too big.

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  • Anonymous
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    Well, it sounds like there was a small tear, so you need to treat it like a freshly pierced earlobe. Go back to the 00g with stainless or glass jewelry and keep it clean, as you have been doing. It should recover after a few days and then wait several weeks for it to heal before you attempt to stretch again.

    A "blow out" is when the skin from inside the hole is pushed out the back. There is no evidence of that here.

    You need to seek medical help if an infection develops -- redness and warmth that spread from the intial wound.

    Source(s): I have my ears stretched to 1 1/2 inches and this happened a couple of times during my stretching journey.
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