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Pirates of Penzance-- EDITH?


I just got cast as Edith in a production of Pirates in Penzance.... Is that even a good role? I'm really upset though because I was dying for Mabel... Also they are taking some of Edith's solos and things away. They added a 4th sister too. So there's Edith, Kate, Isabel, and Gladys. So they are splitting up all the solos to be equal so Edith really doesn't have all the solos... Is it a good role? I mean, I'll do the best I can with this but how good is the role? Be honest please. Thanks..


**Pirates OF Penzance. Not Pirates in Penzance...

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    It is the third largest female role, after Mabel and Ruth. You have some lines, and a fun solo in How Beautifully Blue The Sky. When I did Pirates, our Edith also had a thing for the Pirate King, and I know that is true in a lot of productions. She also sings the lower harmony in the finale version of Poor Wandering One with Mabel. She is sassy and fun, and actually has a character worth exploring, unlike Mabel.

    Have fun acting the role. The music is great too, but this role has a lot of acting potential, and can be played different ways, unlike Mabel, who was purposely written to be shallow and air-headed, with not much common sense.

    Good luck! You will be great.

    Source(s): Played Mabel. The singing was great, the character was boring as hell. Edith has a way better personality.
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    Edith Pirates Of Penzance

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