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How can Dale Earnhardt Jr be eligible for the All Star race, he did not win last year?

I guess NASCAR is changing its rules to accommodate Junior again, he is currently not eligible for the All Star race since he does not have race win in two years.

I guess that small detail and fact will get swept under rug as usual, as will all things that have to do with Jr.

NASCAR, can you please have one standard that you actually follow?


How many years can they be eligible after winning an all star race?

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    Jrh88er, you're not a real NASCAR fan. Not even close. You only come here to get a rise out of people.

    You should do a little research the next time you feel a rant coming on. You'd save yourself a lot of embarrassment.

    If you looked it up, you'd learn that winning the All-Star in the last 10 years makes ANY driver eligible. Not just Dale Jr.

    Oh, and by the way, YOU have one hell of a nerve to judge or criticize ANYONE.

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    Because Dale runs NASCAR and he pays them lots of money to put him in the race and he paid them off this year so they should let him win....... isn't that what you always cry about like a lil btch?

    Dale is in the all-star race because 1 most popular driver and 2 he won the all-star race 9 years ago which locks a driver in for 10 years why else do you think half those guys are in the race in the first place like tony winning last year he is locked him to the next 10 no matter what any other of your btch *** questions?

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    They didn't change any rules, the field for the All-Star race is set by winners of races the previous season and the current season up to the Darlington race, The All-Star Challenge winner, fan vote, and previous WInston/All Star race winners which Jr falls under by winning it in 2000.

    Hell Kevin Harvick's eligible and he hasn't won in 3 years.

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    10 years ago

    He's a former winner of the event within the last 10 years. He won it in 2000.

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    as the others have said he is a past winner, and yes he's a contender to win because he's got a top 5 or 10 evey year except once when he got eliminated

    i know not everybody can like a certain driver but you're so obsessed with with hating on JR you don't even hardly follow your own driver. a real fan follows their on driver as #1

    get a life, but no matter how many times you're told that you still won't get one so i guess you'll always be one of those people that's on a computer 24/7 so have fun with that. you seriously need help

    oh and if my answer gets deleted from that last comment i don't care, i have plenty of points. not my fault some people can't take the truth and can't take people telling it how it is

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    Because he won the all-star race back in 2000, so he is in it for life.

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    He won the All-Star race in 2000. Past All-Star winners are eligible for 10 years. This is probably his last year to be elidgible.

    Next year he'll get the fan vote. YEEEEE HAAAAAW!

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    He won the All-Star race in 2000. Know your stats before you try to pull bullsh*t on us.

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    Read the eligibility rules on Jayski.

    You have to find a driver to support that you can say something

    nice about. It will make you and all others feel better.

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    He has won the All-Star race before which makes him eligible.

    But really, it does not matter. Do you think he's actually going to contend for the win?

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