Spiritually Speaking, A Question To The Entomologists (If Any) In R&S....?

..... Is killing bugs in any way against your religious (or lack of them) beliefs? Do you feel it's morally wrong to kill bugs?

Bonus Question:

Do you know any good websites listing common pesticides, their target pests, active ingredients and their MPCs?

Thanks :)


Phuc Yu (what a user name!)- Vot is not looking for a pesticide to use; I need the info for an exam xD

Update 2:

Thanks Horsense- for stings Vot has always used roll-on; the alkaline of the roll-on neutralises the acid of the sting ^_^


Update 3:

Rookie- No, Vot is not.

But that doesn't mean you have any chances with Vot either...

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    Do you know Pestie58's web site ?

    I do not know if I should say it on this site without his permission but I have looked at his web site often.If you click on the MSDS link on the front page it will give you a lot of information .

    Email me if you want the site.

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    Spiritually speaking about the Good News Of God's Kingdom!

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    "DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: A Non Toxic Pesticide",

    by Professor Stuart B. Hill, Department of Entomology and Ecological Agriculture Projects


    The problem with D.E. is that --even though this is Food Grade-- it is safe for people, pets, & earthworms . . . but, it kills ALL bug, both beneficial & otherwise. So you need to be cautious when, where, & how it is used. . . It also keeps algee growth down in ponds . . .

    "Diatomaceous Earth: The "Silver Bullet",

    - by Howard Garrett


    I actually propagate a few bugs in my garden . . . for the birds, frogs, bats, & toads. (;

    Gardening is one of my hobbies---I use D.E. for ticks, fleas, & aphids {on my plant's stems & leaves, IF the bugs are present). But I NEVER put it on flowers, or it will kill the honeybees (& they have enough problems as it is!). So, I don't apply it in the wind!!!

    I NEVER kill honey bees, or, polistes wasps!

    Bees kill themselves if they sting you, and polistes wasps kill unwanted bugs,

    while only stinging if being squashed. . . We used to have several nests yearly,

    but, now I see less & less of them. ):

    Hornets we have, and I am not fond of them,

    but until I find a nest of them, I'm not trying to kill any . . .

    as that would probably prove to be very unwise!!!

    If I did, I'd probably 'puff' the nest with D.E., and be done with it, but only if its in my yard, or, in close proximity to my home.

    (BTW, if stung & you tend to swell from such things, take MSM. It will keep new stings from swelling, as well as take down swellings that have already grown large. My neighbor has bees, & mmy dogs sometimes present such swellings, which disappear 1 hour after the MSM is ingested.)



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    amateur entomologist here.

    I feel morally wrong if I kill an insect in vain, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I don't have a religion, so not against any religion.

    bonus, try one of the major pesticide company websites. They do a lot of science in the field.

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    I don't like bugs, but I only kill them if necessary...like mosquitoes and ants and spiders...of course I don't go hunting them down to do so. lol

    I never use poisons, bad for the environment. Cinnamon is a good repellent for those pestie ants that come crawling in the windows during spring and summer.

    I love how one of the posters said that they just use the "river dance" technique...I love that! heehaws.

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    Atheist and amature entomologist here.

    I wouldn't kill a bug for fun. I would in self defense (eg. poisonous our carrier of disease).

    I will no refer you to any pesticides because I do not believe in their use since they harm the environment - there is no "target pest" they all target the water supply.

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    It is my mission in life to kill any and all bugs and spiders possible. But I would never kill a snake unless it were a life or death situation. Now watch the TDs. :-)

  • It is only bad when you lose control and become an insecticidal maniac.

    I don't use poisions. I take the river-dance approach.

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    I hate bugs. they are nasty. when they are out in the summer and come into the house. I kill them. yuck yuck yuck

  • Enta....Enti.....Entomawhatchit? =/

    *brain shuts down*.....

    (((Vot))) ^__^

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