What sort of make up would go with my prom dress?

I'm wearing a Silver/Steel colour dress but I'm not entirely sure how I should have my make up done. I'm having a make up artist do my make up so she needs some ideas, do you guys have ay ideas?

Here is a picture of my dress; http://www.flirtprom.com/dress.aspx?page=1&style=P...

Thank you.

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    A smokey eye is a simple and timeless option. However, you may want to go for something a little different. As smokey eyes are so overdone. You want to keep the makeup natural and fresh. Almost like bridal makeup. Frosty shades are better on this occasion. Avoid bright colours as these will overpower the dress, which should be the main focus.

    I would recommend a mineral foundation, or even just a normal powder. It helps achieve a matte and natural look. Use a concealer over dark circles and blemishes, then sweep loose or translucent powder over the top to keep your face matte. You don't want your face becoming oily later on.

    I would recommend a soft blush over bronzer, and keep the shimmer to a minimum. Only use sparkle on your eyes and/or lips. The blush looks more natural. Note that the higher you apply blush, the more it makes your eyes sparkle.

    I would recommend using a trio of soft eyeshadow colours for the eyes. Work with the lightest colour first. Apply it all over your lid. Use the medium shade in your crease and outer V to add definition. Finish off with the dark colour, and buff it lightly in the outer corner.You can draw a brown or black line of liquid eyeliner and wing it out slightly to define the eyes, but keep it thin.

    Tight line the eyes to add definition to your lashes. Curl your eyelashes and apply clear mascara, or a very light coat of black or brown. You may want to choose false eyelashes instead, but keep them natural looking. Cutting the lashes will help achieve this. If you use mascara, comb it through well. Make sure to define your brows.

    When choosing the colours you want, go by your eye colour. For green eyes, I suggest apricot, taupe, lilac, pinks, metallics, or any warm colour of your choice. For brown eyes, go for light greys, taupe, pink, vanilla, beige, or champagne. Blue eyes suit lavender, pale pink, lilac, silver, beige, taupe, or grey. For grey eyes I'd choose sand, rose, blue, light pink, beige, light brown, or cream.

    For lips, keep them either nude, or a light pink. You can apply a clear gloss if you wish. A nude lip liner will add definition to your lips. Some people like to conceal their lips before application. Experiment to see if you prefer it with or without. I hope you enjoy your prom.

    Here are some pictures that may inspire you:










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    Definatley smokey black eyes with that dress, it will match the dress perfectly and is a good look for night make up! Also, it will look really good in the pictures and draw attention to your eyes =] Ask for charcoal greys, silvery silvers and a dark kohl black with flick at the sides to make your eyes appear more open and sexy. Mac does really good eyeshadows and Urban Decay for shimmery glittery tones and use an eyeshadow primer. Ask for a subtle smokey eyed look though, because you don't want to look like a panda or have it smudged! that look will also look really good with false eyelashes too. But I would also recommend a light peachy, apricot coloured blush, as a bronzer will make it look to 'drag queen' and a rose blush will look to 'doll like'. As you will have the darker colours to your eyes, have the rest of the make up quite bare and natural looking, like pink - peach lips. And instead of a heavy foundation, ask for a tinted moisterizer to maek it look less caked on, and if you want a little bit more coverage, use a concelor and ask her to set it with a powder from somewhere like Mac. Also, have a highlighter applied under your eye socket and along your upper cheekbones, under your eye brows and in the crease between your nose and lips. It will make your lips look more plumped between your nose and lips, lift your eyebrows, and dominate your cheekbones when applied correctly. Hope your have a good evening! =]

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    That dress is gorgeous! I would not go smokey, it will wash you out with all that grey, i would do a soft angelic look like this


    a nice soft color in a gold or peachy color would look great, or just going plain with a bold red lip would be gorgeous too .

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    i might bypass with silver eyeshadow everywhere in the attention and positioned across some down below ur backside eyelashes (yet no longer too lots, in ordinary terms for result), then on the lids coloration with eyeshadow that fits the colour of the dress. Use skinny line of black eyeliner on suitable and end with mascara or organic-finding faux lashes!

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  • 10 years ago

    Go to Urbandecay.com they have real pop out colors and on their website they have some cool ideas from the movie Alice in Wonderland so you can get that magical look for prom. You can never go wrong with Urban decay, they have amazing colors and a top product! They also have glitter pens that are gorgeous. Another idea wold be of take a small gem that you buy at the fabric store and take some eye lash glue and place one gem on the right or left side of your eye, it's beautiful!

  • 10 years ago

    First of all I love your dress!!

    I think you should wear make-up like this:




  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Smokey eyes, your choice of blush (:

    Answer mine?


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You could go with something like this:


    Or this with a lighter purple:


    Or this:


    Lips should be a shimmery light pink, blush should be very light and shimmery too.

    Source(s): Google.com
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    wow that dress is gorgous!!! i think a black and grey smoky eye would look amazing with that dress and pale pink lips

  • 10 years ago

    you can never go wrong with the intense smokey eye look(:


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