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What's the last boxing PPV in America that Floyd and Manny weren't a part of?

Honestly lol.. these 2 are to boxing what larry and magic were to basketball..

Except Larry and Magic were crazy about competing with each other and proving who was the best.. and Floyd and Manny just don't seem to want to fight each other.. They're both ******* to me..

Take that pactard and flomos.. i'm attacking both sides.


Because Oscar Fought Hatton on PPV lol.. *pat Dewey. Dewey's like the lovable retarded dog that everyone loves even though it can't do any tricks.

Update 2:

I just think it's interesting that these two are carrying the entire sport yet won't fight each other. Floyd for making unusual demands and Manny for refusing them completely- it's equally bitchy for both sides.

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    The last HBO PPV that did not feature either Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather, was the Joe Calzaghe vs. Roy Jones fight which took place on 11/8/2008. After that fight, HBO has only had PPV fights that feature Mayweather and Pacquiao, which is a good thing because the fans should only have to pay for the biggest match-ups, the rest should be available on regular HBO.

    As far as Mayweather's last fight that wasn't on pay per view- it was his fight against Sharmba Mitchell (KO6), which took place on 11/19/2005 and it was televised on HBO. Pacquiao's last fight that wasn't on pay per view was his fight against Hector Velazquez (KO6), which took place on 9/10/2005 and it was televised on HBO.

    Edit: I agree that both sides are to blame for the fight falling through- they both want to show that they are in charge of the negotiations for the fight but what they should really do is just fight each other once and for all to prove who is the superior fighter. They were splitting everything 50/50, so they should have done the same with the drug testing by meeting in the middle of Mayweather's 14 day window and Pacquiao's 24 day window by having the cutoff for the blood tests be 19 days.

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    Top rank has all these Latin Furys and Pinoy Power that get like 498 PPV buys.

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    I agree with you. They are both **** to me. I'm just expecting to see when they both LOSE.

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