How do Americans appreciate Filipino music?

I have learned that Slapshock (a Filipino band) performed in Las Vegas just recently (I think?) and their music video featured some Americans saying, "Slaphshock rocks!" and one American even said "Carino Brutal" (which was the title of one of the songs they sang in Las Vegas, it's Tagalog) so he probably heard the song and probably liked it, too. I just wanted to know how they get to appreciate music that they probably don't understand since there are songs that are in Tagalog.

Note: You might point out that Filipinos are fans of Kpop so it's that same with the Americans, thing is, I'm not an avid fan of Kpop so I wouldn't know. :)


El Chupacabra: Hey. Yeah, I like your answer. :))

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Some metal fans and not Americans just care about the skill in playing music and the loud vocals. Whatever loud music makes their head bang, no matter what language, is good enough for them. It's all about expression, freedom and rage.

  • 1 decade ago

    you can get the songs on youtube with subtitles

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