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Do you like any of these boy names?











BQ: Suggest some middle names. thank you!

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    I like Kellan, Declan, and Seamus :) Very Irish.

    Kellan Sean

    Declan Joseph

    Seamus James

    Conall Austin

    Riordan Michael

    Stellan James

    Lachlan Daniel

    Ciaran David

    Lorcan Patrick

    Padraig Thor

    I also like Lachlan. I've always been a fan of Irish names such as Brennan, Austin, Patrick, and Sean. Really great choices btw! Good luck! I'm due with 3 girls in May...Haven't decided on names yet. Are you expecting? If so, congrats! I noticed your child's name is Poppy...That's very pretty.

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    Kellan: Not my style...there are just too many trendy 2-syllable boys' names that start and end with the same basic sounds.

    Conall: I prefer Connor, but this is also nice...very Irish-sounding!

    Seamus: Sounds a tad goofy to English-speaking ears, but still a fine, classic Irish name.

    Riordan: I don't care for this's more of a last name, and the "rear" sound will open him to teasing.

    Stellan: Too close to the girl's name Stella...I adore Stella for a girl, but would not do this to a boy.

    Lachlan: LOVE...this sounds so wonderfully strong and sensitive and handsome and manly!

    Declan: Love this, too...always makes me picture a smart, sweet, good-looking, reddish-haired guy.

    Ciaran: Love this, too, especially with this spelling.

    Lorcan: I don't love it quite as much as Lachlan, but I still love it!

    Padraig: This would probably get misspelled a lot in the US, but I still really like has much more style than Patrick.

    BQ: Suggested middles for my favorites:

    Conall William

    Conall Tristan

    Lachlan Marcus

    Lachlan Jude

    Declan Michael

    Declan Oscar

    Ciaran Dermot

    Ciaran Daniel

    Lorcan Joseph

    Lorcan Thomas

    Padraig Finn

    Padraig Neill

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    Kellan and Declan are both on my list! I also like Seamus, Ciaran and Lachlan.

    I can't really think of middle names, since your style isn't very similar to mine.

    Declan Seamus is kind of cute though

    Lachlan Conall works as well.

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    I like Ciaran and Kellan.


    Ciaran Aaron

    Ciaran James

    Kellan Andrew

    Kellan Ryan

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    You must be Irish with names like that! I think Stellan is to like Stella and Riordan is a surname

    the rest i like.

    If you are looking for Irish middle names here are a few i like




    Aodhan pron (agon)


    HOpe you like them!

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    They're all good names, with Seamus and Padraig being at the top of my list. You should use Conaire as a middle name!

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    10 years ago

    Lorcan Alexander

  • Stellan and Lorcan sound good to me.

    For middle name for Stellen: Steve

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    i like the names Riordan and Conall

    Riordan Steve

    Conall Eliot

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    i think Declan is a cute name!

    i think alexzander and william are nice middle names as well.

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