Are coastal scents eye shadow palettes safe since it is distributed in the US ?

I know coastal scents are made in China, and I know China has a bad rep for producing hazardous products. Coastal scents is made by the same company as Manly, Beauties Factory, BH cosmetics and now I see the a new brand on amazon is selling an exact version of the 120 eyeshadow palettes under the name Shany. Some of the companies I named are American companies that stamp their names on these products and sell them here. What I am confused about is... if products are made in China (or any other country) aren't they still required to meet FDA regulations if they are sold and distributed in the US?


I have the Manly 120 palette and I have used it once. I must say I love the colors and it stays on well. I am concerned about lead and other poisons. Bh cosmetics, and Shany ( exclusively sold on amazon) sells the exact same palette. I'm wondering if I would be safer ditching the Manly brand since it is not sold in the us and going with an American brand like Coastal scents, BH cosmetics and shany even though that were made in the same factory. I don't know if American companies test products that were made somewhere else before selling them.

Update 2:

Ok. I think I just answered my own question. I went to coastal scents website and I saw their "safety report". One tested for lead and the max is 10 ppm. The report was <10ppm. Most reports usually state the exact number. That was just one potential hazard. I have a small child and I am concerned about her health as well . So I don't think I will use.

On another note, I bought Manly off ebay and the lead report online was 1.7ppm. Don't know if it is safe to use, so I won't.

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    Many products that are sold in drug stores and online are made in China. I believe that a lot of "US" brands that are made in China are safe because they have to follow US rules/laws, by not containing ingredients that are harmful to people, such as lead, or things that may come from animals (whale blubber, animal placenta, etc). I know that lead was used because it will give out brighter colors, but the US found it unsafe and outlawed to have it used to make anything that can be transmitted to our bodies such as makeup.

    Thing on EBay are not regulated, such as companies like Coastal Scents which is based in Florida (so it's shocking to here that they have lead in it). There palettes are made in China, but I would think that they would be caution from getting their supplies from a supplier who uses lead or any unsafe products. If they were they would have a chance to be fined, or worse case sued (they wouldnt be sued if they actually did state that their product contains lead).

    If you’re buying products that are not well known in the states, or that are well known in China, just educated yourself on what exactly they use to make the makeup. Here is a clue to know if the product you’re buying is sake- the Ingredients should be listed on All Products. If the ingredients are not displayed then that should raise a red flag.

    Beware of counterfeit makeup, like discounted high end "knock off" claimed to be the real deal MAC, Chanel, Nars, Smashbox etc.

    I would never trust places that claim that you can buy make wholesale or discounted, majority of them are FAKE or may be very old products. Trust me your would be scared to know what in counterfeit cosmetics, such as lead, animal urine, paint thinners and so on.

    I know that people rather save money, but its better be safe than sorry, so spend the money or the “real” product than go cheap and buy fake.

    So Read the Label, read the ingredients. Knowing that your palette has lead in it, I would just beware, because this is something that your putting on your skin, and will be on throughout the day Just imagine how many applications of it you’ll be using, would you think it’s safe?.

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    Coastal Scents Eyeshadow

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    most products, make up, shoes, clothes etc. are made in China and elsewhere in Asia. If you look at the made in label, you'll see that. They do still have meet the FDA regulations, or else it wouldn't be allowed to sell them. Coastal scents i perfectly safe, at least if you order it from the actual coastal scents web shop and not ebay or amazon or something like that. You never know what you'll find in copies. So make sure that you buy the "real deal", and then it's (pretty much always) safe :-)

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    I picked the matte one. my thinking was "If I buy the matte I can always make them look shimmery (using shimmery bases or shimmer pigments on top) but if I buy the shimmer one there's no way I'll make them matte, so the matte pallet gives me more options." and i think that i made the right choice. I enjoy using different textures too much to stick with all shimmer for long, and the matte palette has some satin shades as well as the matte ones so there's more variation. also sometimes I find all shimmer looks can be a bit much and this matte & satin palette gives you the option of toning it down a bit sometimes, whereas the shimmer one doesn't.

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    Coastal Scents makeup is fine (;

    It's really good quality stuff!

    Most of the things over here in the US are made in China.

    Some are hazardous, but Coastal Scents makeup isn't.

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