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Chris Daughtry Had Hair?

I went to his concert last nite and he had how did he get it he has also changed alot when i went to my first Daughtry Concert in 2007 he was so much fun playing around with the crowd and last nite he just stood on the stage and sang then walked off he didnt event throw anything into the crowd i really thought that Cavo and Lifehouse was better i hate to say it though. Oh i and does Daughtry give out autographs at a table to the public i didnt see him but i got Cavo's Autographs :D


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    Yes, Chris Daughtry grew hair lol. He started growing it out when he toured with Nickelback in January. I actually thought he couldn't grow hair! But boy was I surprised! When I went to his concerts he didn't play either. I didn't know he actually played with the crowd lol. The times I went to his concert, he usually just closed his eyes, or looked straight ahead, and sometimes he gave his hand to the crowd. I thought it was because he's more personal and private. Daughtry does not give out autographs after the show. To meet them you would have to buy their VIP package. Since they're getting more "famous" they took out the pit from their concerts and have less time in VIP since they have more fans now. Thats kind of the downside. Cavo is great with the fans, I got their autographs and a picture with them :) Hope you had fun though :)

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    That's definitely him, unless he has a twin brother.

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