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Do I have an IG complaint?

So, I've been in this unit for 10 months now. Sadly I've been on a Temp profile the whole time (back issues). I do have an injury, and will soon be getting a perm. profile (P4 not allowing me to do anything). I know this means I have no future any longer in the Army.

However, my unit for the most part have been d-bags doing everything they can to try and "kick" me out. They feel I'm lieing (despite the fact I have a MRI and a diagnosis). When I first got here I just got injured and gained a lot of weight but I've seen then lost it and WAS on the AWCP but have worked my way off it (4% in 2 months without being able to run go me!). When I got off it my NCO told me in 6 months he's going to tape again and WHEN I FAIL he's going to do everything in his power to kick me out...

3 weeks ago (4 months after getting off the program) I was forced to talk another AFPT (which I can't but I can get taped). My NCO was the one doing the tapes and had a big ole' smile on his face... He taped my neck SEVEN times each time getting more and more fustrated that my neck wasn't a small enough number to put me on the AWCP. Yelling at me, threating me that I'm cheating making me look in different places tring to just get my neck smaller... I passed without any issues... I let it go because "well I won"

Next week they have me taking another one but it's a DIAG PT test... And they are telling me now I have to do it each month until I can get a 65% in each event. But I can't take ANY... so I'm going to have to get taped each month.

First, does this constitute an IG complaint?

Second, can they keep making me take a tape test each month? I mean I know I can pass but it's stressful and threating being in that situation each month with an E7 yelling at me how badly he wants to kick me out...

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    Okay, your profile does not permit you to take a PT test. You have passed tape several times. Technically, you are NOT on AWCP at this time. However, they are singling you out for tape every month.

    I've been in units where EVERYBODY is weighed in every month. And of course it's standard if you are on AWCP to get weighed in every month.

    Look, I have an idea. Rather than going to the IG just yet, ask your NCO if you can talk to your platoon sergeant or first sergeant (whichever is first in line.) Don't sit there and whine about how stressful it is to take a tape test every month. That's not going to fly.

    The real issue here is that you are trying to get help for your back, and if you can't continue military service BECAUSE of your back, you need to get the proper kind of discharge to insure you can still get treatment for your back at the VA and so that you don't lose your VA benefits (if you've been in less than three years before you are discharged NON medically that could happen!)

    If they get you discharged for popping tape a few times in a row, you could lose out big. Be respectful, tell them you KNOW they want what is best for the unit and for you. (Because that's what they should want.) And ask them for help getting the profile you need. And ditto what the poster above me said about doing profile PT!

    And at the same time, call the TMC and make an appointment with your Doc. Ask him to walk you through to profile process. Ask him if you need to get a MEB/PEB board. Ask him for a "Case Manager" to help you navigate the process. TELL HIM YOUR UNIT IS TRYING TO BOOT YOU OUT FOR WEIGHT.

    Good luck. You're in a hell of a situation. If your unit is still pulling the same shenanigans after that, yes, go the IG. But try to resolve it first.

    Source(s): Six years in the Army I've seen one too many junior guys kicked out with no benefits because their unit did NOT take care of them. It's not right. It's our responsibility as leaders to NOT dump decent guys on the curb with no benefits (no GI Bill, no medical care, etc.) because we couldn't be bothered to get them a Case Manager and go through the system properly.
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    No you do not have an IG complaint.

    1) As long as the activities do not violate your profile - your commander can require you to take a diagnostic APFT every day. All he has to do is be consistent and apply the same critera to all soldiers.

    2) Any soldier can be told to 'step on the scales' at any time. If you are over your screening weight - you get taped. Since you just came off the weight control program you should expect to be closely monitored to ensure that you continue to lose weight.

    Here is what you should do:

    A) Continue to lose weight and discuss a workout program with your doctor. Take advantage of 'profile PT' and go to the gym and work out. In fact if your unit does not have a 'profile PT' program - volunteer to start one.

    B) Talk to your chain of command. If your issue is with your platoon sergeant - talk to your platoon leader ot 1SG. When you do this ask for their advice. It might even be a good idea to request a 'developmental counseling statement' where yourself and your leader agree on set goals and reasonable timelines to achieve them.

    C) Closely examine your own attitude. Is the NCO really 'out to get you' or is he just enforcing the standards? Are you doing anything that might makeyour leadership suspect that you are a slug? (Hint: pick some part of your platoons function and 'take it over.' Become an expert on whatever that function is and become good at it. And whatever you do always try to exceed the standard.

    The thing you have to do is demonstrate to your leadership that you are a good soldier who also has a back injury.


    Source(s): Former IG and 1SG.
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    Your last comments about tape tests being "stressful and threatening" give me all the information I need in order to answer your question. It indicated exactly what type of Soldier you are. Explanation? Sure. Here goes:

    If you find tape tests stressful and threatening, how on earth could you endure combat? You could not. This is OBVIOUS to your NCOs. You have proven yourself to be nothing but a burden on the taxpayers.

    I suppose you expect to have your hand held and perhaps even a cup of herbal tea while you're being tested. IG complaint? Not a chance.

    Source(s): Me. A REAL Soldier.
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    You have heard it said many different ways, but they are all correct. It is your responsibility as a member of the armed forces who is a single parent, to have a family care plan. If you do not have one, you can, and most likely will be separated from the military. What are you going to do if you are ever tasked to deploy? You certainly can;t take your children with you there. There has to be a short term provider in the local area and a long-term provider, for deployments and TDYs, who may be local or back home (grandparents and such). Your failure to have this plan puts the responsibility for caring for your kids back on the unit you are assigned, since you expect to be let off work every time your kids get sick. It is going to be a tough road ahead, but putting a plan together and exercising it when it is needed beats being put out of the military in my mind.

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    I think you do have a complaint if they have not kept you in the remedial portion of the Fitness program. You mention that they did put you on the AWCP which among other things includes monthly monitoring but if you have now been taken off that then they can't keep tapping or testing you like that and them doing so and their attitude and approach with it is harassment. I would certainly file the complaint if that is the case where you are no longer on the AWCP. The Army as well as all the other services has become very aggressive in getting people out since there is a surplus of people wanting to get in. If you hurt your back while preforming duty then was their a Line of Duty (LOD) determination,(you don't mention one)? There should be and it really looks like that may have been skipped or omitted and they are now building a case for kicking you out based on failed PT standards. This can make a difference in your discharge as well as make it basically impossible for you to later get any kind of LOD and no benefits for your injury.

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    I would go anyways, sounds liek harrassment to me, sure your CO can give you a dignostic everyday but it still constitutes harrassment as well. No human being should have to be harrassed every day if they are meeting the standard. HINT: if you go to the gym and use the machine that will strenthen your neck muscle, this will insure you will always pass the tabe test. Always carry your prophile around with you, especially during PT incase they want to do a surprise PT test.

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