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which is best mutual fund software, wealth management software or asset tracking software in India?

I am a CFP in India, looking for complete solution in wealth management for me as well as for my clients.

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    Wealth eoffice- India's First Generation On Demand Wealth Management Software For Advisor

    Wealth E-Office 2 . 0 . 1 . 1 is a well known software tool among Wealth Management Firm and IFAs. It is a complete Wealth Management support system integrating all Products like Mutual Fund, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Post Office, Fixed Deposit, KVP, RBI Bond in a single portfolio.

    Wealth eoffice is a complete Wealth Management support system integrating all Products like Mutual Fund, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Post Office, Fixed Deposit, KVP, RBI Bond in a single portfolio, the good part in the software is every client based report is connected to SMS gateway which keep the client up to date by regular alerts. The Software is 100% web based, it give you and your client the freedom to access the system from any part of the world. To provide a paperless and fully centrally investment management environment for IFA and his/her clients is the vision with which Wealth E-Office is been made.

    Specialty of the software.

    1. Only Software in India builds according to current No Entry Load scenario.

    2. Fee based model increase your earnings & technology keeps you ahead of competition.

    3. All financial products in a single portfolio, helps you to become a true "Wealth Manager".

    4. This software has capacity to handle your AUM of Rs.3000 Cr & 1 Lakh plus Clients.

    5. Each client gets separate account login to check net worth online.

    6. Automatic SMS Alerts to client, it can be set by you and Clients.

    7. 100% online, you can access from anywhere, any time.

    Key Features in Wealth E-Office

    Features in Client/Investor desk called e-portfolio

    A Common Platform for Mutual Fund/FD/PO & Life & Non-Life insurance.

    Wealth E-Office generate a Tension Free account called e-portfolio for your clients which manage without any hassle all of investments in All Mutual Fund Schemes (routed through you), Fixed Income Instruments with include - Bank Deposits, Company Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Debentures, PPF, Debentures, NSS, Postal Savings, Life & Non Life Insurance with excellent graphically represented reports.

    Reports for Your Clients: The clients will get following Reports in e-portfolio:-

    1. Consolidated Wealth Allocation Report

    2. Current Valuation Report

    3. Capital Gain/Loss Report

    4. Interest Income Report

    5. Mutual Fund performance Report

    6. Mutual Fund Transaction Report

    7. FD Maturity Report

    8. Life & Non life Insurance premium due report

    9. Pop-up Reminder for SIP, Insurance and FDs.

    The clients will get following SMS,Email & PopUp Alerts in e-portfolio:-

    1. Monthly MF valuation alert

    2. Dividend earned alert

    3. SIP Due Intimation alert

    4. SIP Expiry Intimation alert

    5. Alert by Targeted NAV/Valuation/Returns

    6. Life insurance Premium Due alert

    7. Policy maturity alert

    8. Vehicle insurance premium due alert

    9. Health Insurance premium due alert

    10. Other alerts like FD, PO maturity alerts

    11. Client Birthday & Anniversary Wishes

    SMS 'WMS' on 9302980808


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    Yeah like everyone has been saying, "past performance is no indication of future results". Realize that mutual funds invest in different securities. These securities typically include stocks or bonds. With stocks you are the owner of a company. With bonds, you are loaning money to either a company or government. Bonds are typically considered safer than stocks because they pay a fixed interest rate written on a bond and "mature" after a certain number of years at which point the full principle value is paid back. On the other hand stocks may or may not pay dividends, and stock prices fluctuate wildly depending on the market's perception of the future growth and value of the company. Some companies are dependable and easier to predict (like utilities or consumer staples). Their stock prices tend to fluctuate less as the companies grow. On the other hand some companies have more uncertain futures and thus wilder stock prices. Often times the very same mutual funds which do great over a certain number of years turn out to do terribly over the next couple of years. For example bond funds have beat out stock funds by wide margins over the past 10 years because the economy has been so bad that people have been rushing to the safety and stability of bonds and bond mutual funds. However if the economy turns around stock funds will probably blow away bond funds. Especially if interest rates start to rise again (which would push bond prices down). I strongly recommend talking with a financial advisor if you have any questions about mutual funds or how they can help you reach your financial goals.

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