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My ex boyfriends new girlfriend wont leave me alone?

Im friends with my ex, he has a new girlfriend, and i have a new boyfriend, i still care about my ex, and he still cares about me.

But were moving on, the thing is his new girlfriend wont leave me alone, she must be incredibly insecure/jealous, and now i have to change my number because she started threatening me and everything!

i tried talking to her to explain were just friends and talk still, but she wont take the hint and becomes a serious bunny boiler towards me, im trying to keep contact with my ex to a minimum not to rub it in her face or anything, but this is beyond a joke now.

what should i do?

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    talk to your ex and make sure he KNOWS what she is doing so he can give it to her. i find it funny that he would still want to date this girl if he knows what shes like. and if she calls you again, tell her you are going to go to the police. in fact, go to the police and tell them what shes doing, especially if shes threatening you! this is called harassment, and nobody has the right to make you feel that way. this must be one sad, twisted, insecure girl. feel sorry for her and be thankful you have a bf who understands your friendship with your ex.

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    She is obviously jealous. It sounds like you need to either tell your ex, confront her, or tell the police that she is harassing you.

    This girl sounds psycho. Please be careful. Start keeping a log of her phone calls. Record every conversation if possible. Write down what she says. This way you will be able to prove that she is making threats.

    Does she know where you live? Hopefully never know what can happen.

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    Tell your ex that his girlfriend is being a complete butt face to you (use stronger language if necessary). Then, tell the girl that she is being ridiculous. Tell her you've obviously moved on, since you do have a boyfriend, and that you and your ex are just friends. Tell her that she needs to stop over reacting and get over herself, because she's completely paranoid.

  • I would call your ex and exsplain to him of what she is doing. This is really serious this girl sounds really insecure and jealous. she doesnt buy the were just friends thing. Even though u have a boyfriend she doesn't buy it. She wants him all for herself.. How in the world does she have ur number?

    If she continues to do so. Please please telll someone

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    have you told your ex about this?? cus she sounds abit paranoid to be honest. . . you;re both moving on. . she needs t get her head around that . . mayb she just really cares about him and doesnt want to lose him or somethin. . . but still shes goin way over the top. . id explain this to your ex and then say u cant talk to him barely any more, then he can talk to his girlfriend about it and reassure her its her he wants :) x

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    you should really get ur ex to talk to her! if she continues to be a psycho, he should definitely dump her...if she is like this from the start you can imagine what she will turn into when they get more comfortable! jealously is a big red flag!! he is eventually going to have to decide which relationship is more important for him to or her. i hope this helps!

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    That's always the WORST situation .. but what I don't get is why have you not told your ex-boyfriend to get her tp back off? Tell him all this stuff she's doing & since he still has feelings about you, than he SHOULD get her to step-off.

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    Talk to your ex about it, thats pretty serouis. And if nothing happens, get the cops involved

  • Karen
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    If he is not seeing her then it wouldnt be a problem for him to change his number. Right? And if she ends up with the new number then something has to be going on. Or maybe you just need to sit down and have a heart to heart with him.

  • 10 years ago

    Sounds like stalking yo me. Check the laws and rights in your state. Don't threaten her, talk calmly & then mention it. She should wise up.

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