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Help! My African Clawed Frog is Dying?

I have been feeding my ACFs Zoo Med's Can O' Crickets for years. Just last week, I switched to the larger size. (I was feeding the smaller ones - in the red can, but purchased the yellow can last week.) I have (had) two ACFs in separate 10 gallon aquariums. I fed the large crickets to my largest frog one night before bed, next morning I woke up - he was dead. I didn't even think twice about it. I tested all the water conditions and everything was normal.I just figured he must have died naturally. That was, until now.

Just last night I fed my other Albino ACF the same crickets. I found him upside down at the bottom of the tank when I got home from school. I was extremely put down, until I pulled him out and he started twitching. He has been in shallow water next to me since. He seems to be choking, his pigmentation is off - he looks very pink. He keeps scrunching himself up like he's trying to vomit but has no luck. I have come to the conclusion that it must be the crickets, and they must be tainted. I am e-mailing ZooMed as we speak.

Unfortunately, my little guy is gasping for breath right now. I have no idea what to do. I feel aweful. I don't want to kill him - he's still trying to swim around. He's determined. I feel awful, is there anything you suggest I can do?

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    Wow, that's really sad! An idea is to give him something that'll make him throw up. If he throws it up he MIGHT have a chance, but you have to do it quickly. Or call a vet.

    But if all else fails just hope he goes peacefully to the big tank in the sky......

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    no longer a competent blend. African clawed frogs desire shallow tanks to attain the exterior for air. The frog is additionally injured so take him out on the instant away. Arowana would be agressive even to the massive african clawed frogs. I shop my 2 in a 20 gallon species tank. They thrive in it. its properly worth keeping it by potential of itself as they do no longer desire super tanks. that's suggested 10 gallon minimum yet to be user-friendly as an proprietor of the large species i recommend 15-20 gallons for one. 20 is fantastic for 2 in spite of the undeniable fact that. reason being is they're messy and mess water at the instant. additionally it supplies them area to swim greater leaving a happier greater healthy frog.

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    there is nothing you can really do when god feels it is his time he will take him. the only thing you can do is make him comfortable in his last moments. i am sorry about your frogs. i have had 5 reptiles die on me and the best thing i did was see them go into the next world.

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    Clawed Frog's?

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    get a vet

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