Could you help with character names and pics (male)?

I'm pretty much set on the first names, and the middle names DEFINITELY won't change. These characters are set in a medieval-like times story. I'd like to know what you think of the names, what your suggestions are, and also (I know this isn't relevant to this section) but I could REALLY use some pics to go with these characters, so if you have a link to a pic of any actor, model, family member/friend, etc that would be awesome! By the way, these characters are all supposed to be handsome, and I'd also like suggestions for last names if you have any.

1. Cecil Karsten- (see-sul, car-stin) 17 years old, 5'10, white blond shaggy hair, big shiny blue eyes, impish grin, full cheeks. athletic build, big flirt, son of a Lord

2. Hiram Charles- (here-um) 18 years old, very tall, lean, tan skin, bright red course hair, blue eyes with yellow around the pupil, son of a Lord, playful but quiet

3. Albert Konrad- 20 years old, tall and brawny (football player-like build), short dirty blond hair, green-blue eyes, usually has a serious expression, a guard to a princess who he's taken care of since she was a little girl, not rich but not poor

4. Gerald Tanton- (tan-tin) 18 years old, 5'8, lean build, thick, shaggy, light brown hair, pretty greenish/blue-ish eyes with thick eyelashes, small mouth and nose, very quiet and somewhat romantic, son of a Lord

5. Frank Aidan- 16 years old, 6'0, thin, Asian (very short black hair, small cute dark eyes), dimples, tan skin, "baby face", shy, adopted son of King and Queen

6. Augustus Jeremiah- 19 years old, average height and build, pale, freckles, short dark hair, small dark eyes, nice-looking but not as much as the other boys, very rich son of a Duke, pompous and not very bright

Thanks so much! Any small suggestion, opinion, or pic helps! :)

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    this is interesting ! :) i wish i had suggestion,but i dont,i'm sorry...i hope somebody else will have maybe some suggestion.Good luck i wish you all the best!

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