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math helppp pleasee :)?

eleven people are standing in a straight line to take a picture. however, jeff and michelle want to stand next to each other. how many distinctive ways are there to order the people in a straight line with the above condition?

thankss :)


oo one more problem pleasee :)

a fair coin is flipped three times and a fair die is rolled two times. what is the probability that the result comes out to be one head and the sume of the rolled numbers greater than 8?

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    You consider jeff & michelle as 1 unit , now you have 10 people in a line.

    Also Jeff & Michelle can stand JM or MJ (two ways)

    Answer 10P1* 2C1 = 10! * 2! = 7 257 600

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    2! *10!

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    I would say 11! - 2(2!)

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