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What is the current fashion trend lol ik stupid question?

Nuf said =P ^


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    Lol WELL in my school its plaid shirts, brand name tees, tank tops over a long sleeve shirt and skinny jeans and either converse or DC shoes

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    Hmm, WHO decided Uggs were fashionable???? They're EXTREMELY unattractive and make whoever's wearing them look like they have giant bear paws on their feet. And the big-brown-Uggs-little-denim-mini-skirt is big among white girls in Philly and VERY ... not flattering, haha. All the backwards sideways caps stuff is hardly ever done anymore where I'm from in Philly. Backwards caps are usually only worn by white guys--and rarely at that, nobody wears caps sideways (we wear them slighly tilted to one side, however, only because they look funny straight forward unless it's for baseball or on a girl), and minority girls sometimes wear tilted caps with sunglasses (but again, very rarely), because the cap is not intended to serve a functional purpose, it's just purpse an accessory. So your first three fashion trends will probably all be out of style way before 2015 in Philadelphia specifically. The Uggs thing seems to be holding on painfully here and I can only hope it ends soon ... Side note: When you tilt your cap to one side in Philly it's called c0cking your cap, which is a very non-taboo, widely-used term, but apparently Yahoo Answers doesn't know that and tried to censor me so I had to say "tilted," which sounds horrible, haha.

  • 10 years ago

    Skinny jeans and a simple tee (:

    Flats or boots work nicely

    Add an eye-catching necklace, nothing trashy or too flashy, it would ruin the outfit.

  • 10 years ago

    simple is better..well for spring floral prints arevery popular

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