My son's behavior is unacceptable at school.?

This whole situation is incredibly confusing for me. He has no behavior problems at home. He is a very loving and well behaved child. He plays in his room without disturbing anyone else, he gets along with his siblings and aside from telling on the other kids occasionally, he doesn't do anything wrong, really. But when he is at school, he punches other kids, screams at people, talks back to the teacher and generally doesn't follow rules. I know there is a child in his class who has severe behavior issues and I'm wondering if this kid is rubbing off on mine. My son is 6 years old and in Kindergarten, he was in preschool for two years with no behavior issues, so any ideas on how to curb this behavior? He's missed recess at school and been grounded from video games, tv and extra activities at home for up to a week because of his behavior at school, and it still continues. What can I do? Any ideas or suggestions?


I have watched the nanny. The problem though, isn't what's happening at home. I can't be there at school to discipline him. I use the nanny's methods at home, and I think that's why he's so good for me here. I agree he may be getting picked on. Thanks for the answers so far.

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    Ask him about school. Listen carefully at ANYTHING he says, there will be clues as to what is going on, as kids his age tend to talk in riddles. Ask him what he thinks of the classroom, what he thinks of the other kids and what he thinks of his teacher. Then... after talking with him about it, explain what he says to the teacher and the two of you can try and put the pieces together and hopefully figure out what is wrong. Good luck to you!

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    Talk to him and find out way he thinks his behavior is acceptable and then explain to him why it's not. Go sit with him in class one day for a couple of hours and see for yourself whats going on.

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    I agree with the people who said talk toy our child. Also, bring it up to your pediatrician. Maybe there is some kind of developmental problem happening.

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    i think maybe someone is being mean to him and he doesnt like it so he acts like that and when he talks back to the teacher its probably maybe because the teacher is very strict so if he wasnt like that in preschool and isnt like that at home then it is probably someone is always picking on him

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    Have you tried asking him? He's six, not two. Simply don't let him get away with "I don't know". If he can behave at home he can behave at school and is making a conscious decision not to.

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    no friends for a week at a time........and lady, whatch the tv show "The Nanny"

    it really helps, but dont watch it with you son...since hes the problem

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    what is the scoop on his teacher? Maybe it isn't him.

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