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Can I have these fish in My 29 gallon Aquarium?

I have A oranda goldfish and a telescope goldfish

I also have 3 common goldfish in there witch is only temporary until they can move to the pond,I also have a pleco,So when my goldfish move to the pond In about a month I will have a Oranda and a Telescope eye goldfish and a pleco.My mom likes looking at the tank and she said she would like something more active ..like a little frog to look at,so i thought of african dwarf frogs but do they NEED a heated aquarium?..but if they do i can put a heater in because orandas like warmer water and my house stays really cold.will my pleco bother them or it?

do i have any other options for active fish that can go with goldfish?

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    I'm glad you are moving the common goldfish, and know they get to big for that tank.

    However, what kind of pleco? If it is a common pleco, it is suffering in that tank. They get 2 feet long and need a minimum of 100 gallons. They also are a tropical fish and must have a heater. I suggest you return him. There are smaller species of pleco that will work in a 29 gallon tank... However, not in a coldwater tank.. They are all tropical.

    And yes, frogs need heated aquariums. Goldfish need coldwater. You can not keep them together. One or the other will suffer. If tropical critters are kept in cold water they are lethargic and become sickly. If coldwater fish are kept in warm water, they become lethargic and sickly.

    Also, frogs are ment to be kept in species only tanks.

    The African Clawed Frog is a little monster. They will eat any fish it can fit into it's mouth. If it can't get the fish in its mouth, then they have nasty little claws to attack and injur the fish. So its a big no.

    The africcan DWARF frog isn't as aggressive as ACFs... HOWEVER, they have extremly delicate legs and toes. If one of your goldfish just decided to give him a tiny nip, then you have an animal with a broken leg that can no longer swim properly.

    Also, since ADFs need to get to the surface relatively easy... Your tank is a bit to big for him to easily accomplish that.. It would be harder if he was injured.

    But the big issue here is...

    You are already overstocked with the pleco.. I told you this already, and he needs to go.

    A 29 gallon tank is only big enough for two fancy goldfish.

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    your tank is severely Overstocked. and Plecos need temperatures of 80 degrees and goldfish need temps of 68 degrees. To accomadate The Fish you currently have in your tank. your looking at about 125 gallons Of water or Even more If the Pleco is a common pleco which can reach 2 feet in length. what you plan on doing can be classified as animal abuse. As the Pleco will suffocate So. No. dont get The Pleco!

    One common goldfish needs 55 gallons of water. One oranda needs 20 gallons of water. etc. you cant egt a pleco With Goldfish. Nor can you get an african dwarf frog. White mountain cloud minnows are tiny SChooling coldwater fish. which are the only fish that can go with goldfish. and thats it.

    But you Need to upgrade your tank to atleast a 200 Now that i read you have THREE Commons. each which will get 2 foot in length. Its really overstocked. they are burning alive from ammonia poisoning and suffocating.

    Good luck

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  • 4 years ago

    Try going with your big fish and only 8 Tiger Barbs... that is still plenty to look full and interesting but doesnt crowd the fish. Nice tough tank lol!

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