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Steroids probe rekindled?

Today investigators visited the Kettler Iceplex (Capitals' practice rink) to ask CURRENT players about the claims of a Virginia chiropractor that was arrested today. Dr. Owen Nagel claims to have sold steroids to former and current Capitals players and the Washington Nationals baseball team.



This ties back to last year, when someone in Tampa, Florida pleaded guilty to distributing steroids, and he made the same claims. The NHL launched an investigation last summer, and it led to the dismissal of the Tampa man's claims.



Will anything come about from this? The NHL investigated last year but found nothing. Why did it take so long for this chiropractor to be linked to the Tampa guy? Or maybe that is just the slow, methodical nature of the legal process...


Also I would think that steroids is not nearly as beneficial to hockey players as athletes in other sports. Bulking up would hamper speed, so hockey players don't have much motivation to use steroids.

Update 2:

Bob - I think it is humorous that you are trying to call 'heads' and 'tails' on the same coin. Make up your mind. In the first part of your answer, you say nothing will come of it. Then you state your suspicions of this guy's motivation for fame in the second part of your answer (under 'source(s)'). Make up your mind.

Actually, I believe YOU are the one that Patrick is talking about - the one on here that strongly believes Ovechkin and some other Caps players use steroids. Like here on one of your recent questions:

"Really....Ovechkin denied using steroids....I would have thought he would have admitted it, especially being caught red-handed. Gee, I wonder why Palmeiro, Sosa, McGwire et al denied it???

Why do you suppose this guy would make these allegations out of the blue? Something to do? Fame and fortune? Explain that to us."


Update 3:

I believe "random" testing means "unannounced" or "no-notice." Which means that they don't tell you advance when you are going to be tested.

Also, all Olympic hockey players were tested in Vancouver this year. This included blood testing for HGH - much more accurate than urine tests.

Update 4:

Also, Jose Theodore had been using the hair product for "eight or nine years" on advice of his dermatologist when he tested positive for the diuretic (masking agent). Why would a goalie want to take steroids, anyways...it wouldn't exactly help him stop a puck.

Update 5:

Lmao, here is Bob going OFF as if five Capitals players had just tested positive for anabolic steroids. Bottom line - the Capitals have been tested three times in each of the past three seasons, and no one has tested positive.

What am I denying here or making excuses about? Sure, all these athletes are going out and buying a now-defunct product that includes a fake penis to pass these tests. LOL

Update 6:

If you want to talk about the NHL's drug-testing program, sure, they probably should be tested more than two or three times per year (and they should test during the playoffs, which they now don't do). But the NHL has never had a steroid problem and probably never will.

Update 7:

For that matter, they should include the offseason and drug test year-round if they say hockey is as clean a sport as they say it is. That I agree with you.

Btw, the drug that Theodore tested positive for in 2006 has since then been REMOVED from WADA's list of prohibited substances.


Update 8:

Bob, you must realize that your doping accusations of Capitals players are ridiculous. Let's look at the information that came out since I posted this question:

The names you say the investigators had were Eric Fehr, Shaone Morrisonn, and Matt Bradley. So I wonder why they didn't question Ovechkin and Varlamov as you suspect?

Furthermore, the questioning itself lasted about 10 minutes and primarily focused on Nagel, not the Capitals players themselves. Here's the interesting thing: the Capitals players were not legally obligated to submit to the questioning. As they said, they have nothing to hide, so they had no problem taking questions. The investigation is far from over, but if anything comes from it, I will be very surprised.

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    I don't think anything will come of it. Both the NHL, and MLB (and WADA) have dismissed the claims as being "malicious and without merit"

    The story going around the NHL is that Thomas contacted several team doctors/therapists (among all professional sports) about 'ointments' that could be used to help a player recover faster, and Nagel is the only one who took the bait. While Nagel has been employed by both the Nationals and Capitals, both teams have indicated that he was not involved in the distribution of steroids within either organization, suggesting that

    a) he told Thomas he would sell/give them to the players and didn't follow through

    b) Thomas assumed that Nagel would use them with the Capitals/Nationals without really knowing who the end user would be

    The other caveat to the story is that the sale to Nagel came shortly before Thomas was caught, so there is still the possibility that Nagel planned to use them at the time, but once Thomas was caught, Nagel was forced to lay low, especially as his employers were the two teams that came out in the initial questioning.

    Bob - If the players claim 'no knowledge' of the steroids, never get caught with them in their possession, and never fail a league administered test, then there is nothing that can be done. It should be noted, that testing in the NHL has 20 teams tested twice randomly, and ten teams tested 3x randomly. Last year (2008-09) was the year the Caps were tested 3x randomly - because of the allegations, this year the Caps were also tested 3x randomly. If they were using - they would have been caught by now.

    Bob - teams are told the day of the test, they have 3 hours to produce the players.

    Again, from what I've heard, Thomas was looking to sell steroids, one of the buyers he found, Dr. Nagel, happened to be employed by the Capitals/Nationals, and happened to get caught sending money to Thomas. It wasn't very random. Based on the initial allegations, Nagel started sending money to Thomas 2 months BEFORE Thomas was apprehended....so at that point, as far as Thomas knew, Nagel was buying for the Capitals/Nationals

    As far as Ovechkin's parents, apparently his mom (and many of her teammates) was suspected of steroid use at the Montreal Olympics, but again, never failed a test - and you're right, the tests the NHL uses have come under scrutiny for being 'lax' (i.e IOC tests caught Theodore and Berard and NHL tests did not despite the alleged substances being on the NHL lists).

    I have to support my league - you know that!

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  • I'm all for aggressive year-round no-notice testing following WADA protocols, but if a player hasn't tested positive for illegal drugs and they've been tested multiple times...I'm not sure what you want.

    I'm also for harsh penalties...outside of North America positive drug tests merit bans with teeth, and not the equivalent of a 1/4 season ban (which you get in the NFL (4 games), MLB (40/50 games?), and NHL (20 games).

    When an English rugby player gets a 2-year ban for cocaine, an Australian rugby player a 2-year ban for amphetamines, and an English soccer player a 9-month ban for skipping a test (treated as a positive)...it seems a joke to give a player a 1/4 season ban.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First off....I heard rumours of Ovechkin and Varlamov and steroids (and posted those rumours here) LONG before any allegations.

    Secondly, what is in it for a busted steroids dealer and now a Dr. to pull these accusations out of their butt?

    No. Nothing will come of it. They are protected by the CBA and have to be actually caught with the drug in their system......I shouldn't say nothing will come of it, the NHL "might" get more pressure to institute a steroid policy that is not comedic. I don't think it is a league wide issue but I think they need to put out the fire before it becomes one.

    As a sidenote......I think the Washington Nationals got ripped off and were sold a placebo...LOL

    Also.....I should note that I am not completely aware of what the CBA says if there is paperwork proving a tie.....I THINK the Caps players would STILL be in the clear.

    Source(s): LITY- Again....my problem (or curiousity) is WHY is it that some random steroid dealer gets busted and starts immidiately whistling about selling to Nats/Caps? Was he offered a reduced charge for saying this? Not that I know of. I just don't see what his end game was/is.....fame and fortune? The Nats and the Caps? That can't be it........where there is smoke, there is fire. People dismissed Jose Canseco as insane and he DID have an end game of making $ off of the accusations and STILL it turns out that he was being truthful. I am buying it. Russia and Russians are well known for dabbling in the roids anyways.....I would bet my house that Ovechkin's parents were prickling themselves at some point too. LITY- It is my understanding that their "random" testing is a call telling them they will be tested in the next short period followed by a piss test........and NO off-season testing. These tests can be beat....many of the drugs (HGH) wouldn't even be detected. UPDATE- Apparently the police continued to question Caps players......NOT Nats players SO it would seem that they had NAMES. I don't know.....I think even YOU (I Love Crosby) know what is what....you aren't that naive.....if you are then you must believe that Jose Theodore was taking rogaine for male pattern baldness....not to mask his steroid use. LITY-Thanks for the reply....I actually was hoping for clarification on how long they have to go in for their test......just long enough to go buy a "whizzinator." LOL EDIT- First off....I think you need to RE-READ my answer, I NEVER flip flopped......you obviously just MISREAD. I said nothing will come of it and added a caveat. ALSO.....you think Patrick might be referring to me? Great work Sherlock......as I said in THIS POST..I have posted of their involvement dating back THREE YEARS! Yes....Ovechkin was obviously clean during the Olympics- and we saw the results of that now didn't we?! Also.....RANDOM testing? See LITY's answer about the lax NHL "random" testing! I must say, I am surprised to hear you STILL try to deny the allegations and make excuses. You cannot possibly be that naive! Here is where it could get messy- IF Federal Authorities get involved and ask these Caps players questions and they LIE (I think they would admit to their usage) to them as well......then THEY find paperwork to the contrary, that is where the crap could hit the fan. Ask Marion Jones, Barry Bonds et al........and I assume this would turn into a federal case because it was happening in more than one state. BTW.....your excuse for Jose Theodore is LAUGHABLE. He was caught RED HANDED and still you make LAME excuses. Also, for the record I asked what the guys motivation was, fame and fortune? Followed by "THAT CAN'T BE IT!" ALSO...why add a link to a Q of mine that makes me look like I had good foresight? You are not communicating very well....you are making no sense. The fact that your hero is a roid rager has you incoherent. Lastly....if you don't think steroids would help a player or a goalie then I have given you way too much credit (although I used to believe this myth too)........people used to say it wouldn't help a pitcher or help a hitter hit a ball.....now you are saying it wouldn't help a goalie save a puck? You have ALOT to learn. http://www.windsorstar.com/sports/2010wintergames/... EDIT (AGAIN)- Propecia is not a steroid.....it is used to MASK steroid use and if you buy that Jose Theodore was using it for baldness then I have a waterfront property in Arizona to sell you and you truly are NAIVE. Furthermore, I can't give you an ounce of credibility from here on out if you think that steroids wouldn't help an NHLer....gee, bigger, faster stronger....yeah, why would they take them? Furthermore.....you are just plain dumb if you think the NHL policy is anything short of a joke....yeah, no offseason testing and a couple of "random" tests a year....so, let's say you get called in October, November and January.....you are in the clear to go off afterward? Please. I guess Dr's and steroid dealers just throw Caps names out for fun- you still haven't given a plausible reason for the accusations. Whizzinator is not defunct. Where the hell do you get that? Try picking up a High Times magazine and see how defunct it is! It perplexes me why you try to defend these CHEATERS. Even if you read the comments sections in Caps blogs you see even the Caps FANS (alot anyway) are conceding that obviously something went on......take off the homer glasses for once. Ovechkin probably has alot of built up jealousy for Crosby and everything that he has accomplished....not unlike Barry Bonds did for Mark McGwire.
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Heck Yeah, they should do that. because if this is a sport every athlete should be play within the rules to compete against anybody. i mean if they saying to be Professional Wrestlers, then act like it. & come on guys you don't to be a doctor to SEE who is using any kind of substance & who is not.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It sounds like a "he said/she said" story. Next thing you know, everyone will start accusing Ovechkin of mainstreaming heroin into his eyeballs.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I forget who was saying on here that they STRONGLY believe that Ovechkin does steroids and I am starting to believe them, first this incident and if you look at his height being 6'2 and his weight is a massive 233lbs. which means your fat or your muscular and he's obviously isn't fat, I don't want to disregard him working out and building his size up "legally" but this makes it seem "fishy".

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