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Anonymous asked in HealthDental · 1 decade ago

Wisdom Teeth Surgery!?

So I went to the Ortho. yesterday and she told me that when my wisdom teeth start to grow out they will destroy my other ones and cause my to have hearing problems on my right ear therefore im going to surgery to get them removed before they come out.

My question is:

Will it hurt?

Will I be asleep?

Will I feel a thing?

How will they do it?

Will they cut my cheek open? *cries*

Please explain with details how this will go down.

Note: I am ABSOLUTLEY AFRAID of surgery, the fact that someone will cut into me with a ..thing...

is sooo scary and i REALLY dont want to be able to feel a thing, in fact i dont want ot even remember it!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I just got all four of my wisdom teeth out just today, and they were all impacted, which means you cant see them they are still inside the gums. This was my first ever surgery so i was a little afraid. here is EXACTLY what happened on schedule...

    10:45- i arrive at the oral surgeons office and check in.

    10:50-11:00- i start to have a panic attack because the waiting is the worst part. i see others being wheeled out in wheelchairs and i'm shaking.

    11:00- they call my name and i think about making a break for it and moving to canada. i fail.

    11:01- i'm in the office and they take my blood pressure. then they place an oxygen mask over my nose and we sit there for about seven minutes. my mom is in the room with me. i start to feel more relaxed. they ask me if i am nervous enough to have laughing gas, but i say no.

    11:08- the surgeon comes in and starts to talk to me about school and life... he is nice. He puts an I.V. in my arm, it doesnt hurt. we talk a while and then i sleep.

    11:10-12:?? i can't feel a thing and i'm half asleep. i hear the doctor saying open your mouth wider. (please note this part is very cloudy, i dont remember anything from the surgery.) there is absolutely no pain.

    12:15- they walk me to a recovery chair, a very VERY comfortable recliner chair. my mom comes in and she asks how i am. still pretty good! there is no pain and there are two little gauze pads stuck in my mouth. my bottom jaw is completley numb and i can't feel my lip.

    12:30- they wheel me to my car and i drive home. still no pain. my mom changes the gauze and i eat some ice cream to take some pain meds with.

    It is now 6:07 i have had two meals of soup and ice cream and i am in no pain! in fact, i feel great!

    the worst part was the waiting room. i was freaked out because i had never been under anesthesia and i had never had surgery. but honestly it was awesome! i had some fun hallucinations on the drugs they gave me and it was painless.

    so i'm telling you not to panic, but the number of blogs and people i talked to/ read told me the same thing. IT'S NOT THAT BAD! but i panicked anyways. you are your worst enemy!

    i hope my real life experience helped! :)

    p.s. they didnt cut my cheek open, just the gum. and i have no stiches, just holes. and i would recommend being asleep because when you are awake you can hear them sawing your tooth and nasty things.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Will it hurt?


    I can only speak of my experience, i had to get a cracked, abscessed wisdom tooth removed. The pain of that before it was removed was damn near unbearable. There was no pain during (because obviously your entire mouth/jaw will be numb) and no pain afterwards. Just some slight tenderness.

    Will I be asleep?

    It is really up to you. Usually they will put you under to get the tooth out. I was awake and just had it out like that, the worst thing was hearing them cracking the tooth open to get it out.

    Will I feel a thing?

    If you are asleep you won't feel anything. If you are awake you will feel pressure and pulling, but no pain.

    How will they do it?

    It depends on the tooth. Usually they split the tooth and take it out piece by piece, since a wisdom tooth is so large. I had to have a piece of the jawbone removed also as the root was hooked into it tight and they couldn't get it out without doing that.

    Will they cut my cheek open?

    No. Your gums may be cut open and stitched afterwards, this is NOT as bad as it sounds.. it just makes them tender and you can feel the stitches before they dissolve which can get a little irritating at times.

    If you speak to your dentist beforehand about wanting to be put under for it, i am sure they will have no objections to doing that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i just had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday.

    i was put to sleep.i didnt feel a thing everything was numb.

    they dont cut into your cheeks.

    but your cheeks may swell or bruise a bit.mine did.

    but its my fault they are still swollen cause i dont like putting ice on anything.

    the only time it hurt was after the numbness wore off [which was hours later plenty of time to go get pain meds.] but i didnt go get the pain meds right away.

    but they prescribed me vicodin which is helping with the pain.

    i also got stitches on the bottom two teeth because they had to cut into those more because they were growing in. they will dissolve on their own tho.

    i hardly remember anything.i woke up a few times during the surgery which was normal it was only for like a second or two but i still didnt feel anything.all i remember when i woke up during it was a bright lite and the dr's hand.

    it wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be.

    the only thing that is getting on my nerves is the bleeding after it is done and you go to sleep i suggest putting a towel over ur pillow.

    i drool in my a little blood is came out onto my pillow.

    good luck. dont be so nervous if you get put to sleep u wont remember much and you wont feel anything.

    Source(s): personal experience
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  • 1 decade ago

    You will be asleep. so it won't hurt. You don't even know your asleep. It's not bad at all! They give you painkillers when you wake up. It really doesn't hurt though. I had mine taken out plus some. It hurts to eat hard food for awhile. But it is really NOt bad at all!! Your cheek won't get cut open just your gum. You will put the mask on, then giggle alittle then you will sleep and they will wake you up and you'll feel funny for the rest of the day. DONT DRIVE!! You won't remember it either.

    Source(s): happened to me. They even dropped me on my head after i woke up and i just laughed at them i was so out of it. Youll be fine
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  • 1 decade ago

    Will it hurt? It wont hurt during, but you will be sore after for a week or so. They give you pain medicine to help.

    Will I be asleep? Depends-some people are, some aren't, but USUALLY they just sedate you so you're out of it, but not fully asleep.

    Will I feel a thing? Maybe just pressure and pulling and stuff, but you're heavily sedated so you may fall asleep and not really care.

    How will they do it? Depends on if your teeth are impacted or not...they'll just cut into your gums, pull the teeth out.

    Will they cut my cheek open? NO! lol

    You'll be fine. Its such a common procedure! Its no biggy, just relax :)

    Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I had 4 Impacted wisdom teeth taken out last july, and i was very nourvous but it turned out it wasn't that bad. I was knocked out for the whole thing so i didnt feel anything, and when i woke up in the recovery room i felt amazing (really) i felt so dang good, i was waving and smiling at nurses which i wouldn't do normally, i had no pain at all because they numbed my mouth before i woke up. I was very high but it felt very good (close to the best ive ever felt).

    later that night i had a bit of pain but it wasn't bad at all, so i didnt take any vicadin. the next day i got up and ate a yogurt, the pain was there but it still wasn't bad, to tell you the truth the whole thing hurt less than braces.....

    you will be fine when you get them out.

    Source(s): myself
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You dont have to be put to sleep. I was. They can just numb you up big time but you will hear it. Yes it hurts. Theres no way around it. You will get painkillers. No they dont cut your cheek. Your gums.

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  • 4 years ago

    I had four done at the same time and went home right after. If u r going to have one pulled, my best advice is stay in bed 4 a week; the more u move @, the easier it is to get an infection.

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