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Are my african clawed frogs mating?

About 5 months ago I bought 2 ACFs from a petstore and last night i saw the smaller one 'hugging' the bigger one that is FOR SURE a female. Are they mating? I recently changed the tank water and it is a tad bit cooler which I read can fool the frogs into the water being spring rain. Ironically it is spring. I thought they were both female but now I'm second-guessing myself. She does look more plump. So now what do i do?

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    when frogs mate one is usually on top of the female with his arms around the belly for a long period of time .. you may need to be careful when they do mate some males tend to drag the female to the bottom and the female dies since she can't get up for air .. males have control on the female when it comes to mating.. just keep an eye on them .

    if you want to keep the spawn until they became tad pols i'm sure where you bought your frogs from they would be happy to buy some off you if not .. then you can always take the spawn out and put it in a near by lake the fish in there will eat the spawn

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    Great advise so far, but do not put spawn into your local water course, if any spawn does survive the local fish, and the frogs are not native to your country, you will be altering your local eco-system, just think rabbit and Australia. In some countries including the UK this is an offense that you can be taken to court for.

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    not good idea. They will eat fish the same size as themselves or smaller. They will chase the other fish until stressed out and possibly die. Your crayfish will eventually get a hold of the frog and start working on eating it's limbs. I have been there and done that, my oldest frog was 15-16 yrs old when passed away and I learned over the years to keep them with their own kind.

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    Put a video surveillance camera up by their tank and watch for the insertion of the penis into the vagina.

    Source(s): Fifth grade sex talk
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    Yes, that is mating behavior.

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