Can you define what work experience is for the CPA exam requirements in California?

From I learned that

Experience requirement. The CPA candidate must have work experience in the following areas:

(1) Planning an audit

(2) Performing a variety of audit procedures

(3) Preparing working papers associated with an audit

(4) Preparing written explanations and comments on the audit

(5) Preparing and reporting on financial statements.

It also says that I have to be an 'employee.'

That means, internships can't be counted as an experience??

I am an international student, studying accounting. I really want to get my CPA done as soon as possible.

But I am afraid that I won't find a job when I graduate.

Don't have an excellent GPA neither.

Any suggestions?


Also, I am wondering having to be an employee means I have to have a H-1 visa?

If anybody could help, it would be the greatest thing!

Update 2:

I can do OPT for a year after graduation, which is an internship that is not counted toward the class credit. I know its hard for me, but there are people around me getting jobs. I guess I am just really curious what the definition of it is.



Or a year of internship is ok as well?

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  • Ryan M
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    10 years ago
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    Internships do not count, since you are getting college credit instead of actual wages. Also, it is VERY difficult for international students to get employed because you will have to find an employer willing to sponsor you. That is bad for two reasons: 1) It is an additional cost that they will not incur with a US citizen, and 2) Companies are more interested in hiring American students in these rough economic times rather than employing the citizens of foreign countries while the US unemployment rate is 10%. Even is an internship DID count, you would not have enough hours for your license.

    I graduated from an Accounting program in California what was VERY heavy in international students. I honestly do not know of ANY who were able to find a job easily after college.

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  • 10 years ago

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