Larger rear wheels on a 2008 Mustang?

What do you gain/lose by putting larger rear wheels than the fronts on a Mustang? If I'm guessing, I'd say it throws off the speedometer/odometer, lessens fuel economy, and makes more rotating mass on acceleration?

Something like this would be cosmetic more than performance, right?

My 2008 Mustang currently has 18" wheels.

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    Larger rear wheels are 100% aesthetic. Larger rear tires is a different story. Wider rear tires would improve traction, which in some models of mustang could be challenged and thus improve acceleration. The wider tire could slightly reduce fuel economy, although I haven't seen any change in my own mustang. A taller rear tire, however, will more than likely slightly increase fuel economy, as the car doesn't have to turn quite as many RPM's to maintain a given speed, which can reduce the consumption ever so slightly. This can slightly slow down the acceleration, but can also increase traction further than just a wide tire would do. The taller tire is also what will throw off the speedometer and odometer. Both wider and taller are also aesthetically desired, as a wider tire looks meaner, as does the taller tire in the rear.

    Source(s): I have a 1998 cobra, stock tires were a 245/45-17 all around, I now have a 245/45-17 front and 275/40-17 rear. About the same height, just 30mm wider in the rear for better traction.
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    If you choose the right tire size, it will not throw off your speedometer/odometer. It may decrease fuel economy because the rear wheels will be heavier, but there are positive points as well. Having a wider wheel on the rear allows you to use a wider tire. A wider tire will give you a larger contact patch and thus better traction, so staggered wheel sizing is very common with drag racers. Having a wider wheel/tire on the rear also gives the car a more aggressive stance, making it a popular mod for aesthetic purposes as well.

    This article has some great info on wheel sizing:

    Source(s): Certified Auto Tech & Mustang Owner/Enthusiast
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    Rim size does not matter. Overall height of tire does. If tire is taller speedometer/odometer will work slow. May gain or lose fuel economy you would have to figure how far you actually went not what the speedometer/odometer says preferably have the speedometer re-calibrated which I could do but that's another story. Also if you have anti-lock brakes the larger tires may cause them to not work properly.

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