How to move and plant a raspberry plant?

Someone offered me as many raspberry plants I want, I just need to dig them up from her yard and plant them in my own. I've got some information on moving them and I assume it isn't that hard but my plan was to plant them in my backyard near the edge of the house. One website suggested not to put them near buildings or houses, but will they still grow fine if I stay up with the pruning?

Any information on growing raspberry plants is helpful!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dig the holes where you want them, dig up the plants and put them in the holes.

    Don't plant them near a building. You will need to have access to all sides of the canes.

    You don't prune them. Every inch you cut off decreases your yield.

    I have mine planted in a comfined space that it 3' X 6', and have wires strung around the perimeter every 2', going up 6'. This stops the canes from hanging on the ground when full of berries. I get about 10 quarts of berries.

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