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Create your roster, from historic to present players, it doesn't matter.


QB: Joe Montana

FB: Jim Brown

RB: Barry Sanders & Walter Payton

WR: Jerry Rice, Michael Irwin & Cris Carter

Center: "Iron Mike" Webster

Guards: Anthony Munoz & Gene Upshaw

Tackles: Jonathan Ogden & Anthony Munoz


DE: Deacon Jones & Reggie White

DT: "Mean Joe" Greene & Alan Page

LB: Lawrence Taylor, Mike Singletary, Ray Lewis, Dick Butkis

CB: Deion Sanders & Rod Woodson

SS/FS: Ronnie Lott & Darren Sharper

K: Jason Elam

P: Ray Guy

KR: Deion Sanders

This was a difficult list

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  • 1 decade ago
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    QB: Joe Montana

    RB: Barry Sanders and Jim Brown

    WR: Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison, Lynn Swan

    TE: Tony Gonzalez

    Center: Jim Otto

    Gaurds: Gene Upshaw and Joe Delamielleure

    Tackles: Jonathan Ogden and Art Shell

    DE: Reggie White and Bruce Smith

    DT: Mean Joe Green and Warren Sapp

    LB: Lawrence Taylor, Derrick Thomas, Ray Lewis, Jack Lambert

    CB: Deion Sanders and Darrell Green

    SS: Ronnie Lott

    FS: Paul Krause

    K: Morten Anderson

    P: Ray Guy

    KR: Brian Mitchell

    I have alot of the same players but figured a few changes were in order

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  • 1 decade ago

    QB- Montana

    RB- Sanders and Payton

    FB- Jim Brown

    WR1- Rice

    WR2- Randy Moss (need your big threat to match with Rice)

    WR3- Swann

    TE- Brent Jones

    LT- Munoz

    LG- Nate Newton

    C- Mike Webster

    RG- John Hannah

    RT- Forrest Gregg


    DE- Deacon Jones

    DT- Warren Sapp

    DE- Reggie White

    OLB- Lawrence Taylor

    MLB- Mike Singletary

    MLB- Dick Butkus

    OLB- Derrick Thomas

    CB- Deion Sanders

    CB- Rod Woodson

    Nickel- Darrell Greene

    S- Ronnie Lott

    S- Ken Houston


    DE- Deacon Jones

    DT- Joe Greene

    DT- Merlin Olsen

    DE- Reggie White

    OLB- Lawrence Taylor

    MLB- Mike Singletary

    OLB- Jack Ham

    CB- Deion Sanders

    CB- Rod Woodson

    S- Ronnie Lott

    S-Ken Houston

    K- Sebastian Janokowski

    P- Ray Guy or Sammy Baugh

    PR- Eric Metcalf

    KR- Gale Sayers

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  • 1 decade ago

    QB: Joe Montana, Peyton would be my back-up

    FB: Mike Alstott

    RB: Barry Sanders and Emmit Smith

    WR: Jerry Rice, Lynn Swann (4 rings), Tim Brown,(Great return man too)

    TE: Tony Gonzalez and Shannon Sharpe

    Center: Mike Webster

    Guards: Will Shields (12-time pro bowl selection and 1st-ballot HOF lock) and Gene Upshaw

    Tackles: Willie Roaf (11-time pro bowl and named to 1990s and 2000s all-decade teams) and Art Shell (Just as good as Upshaw and they played together)


    DE: Reggie White and Bruce Smith

    DT: Joe Greene and Buch Buchannan (missed only one game in his 13 year career and was the number 1 overall pick in his draft class)

    LB: Derrick Thomas, Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, and Sam Huff (Ray Lewis would also be on the roster as a back up to Singletary)

    CB: Rod Woodson and Emmit Thomas (Had more picks than Deion in his career with 58; 4th all-time) I would also add Ronnie Lott during 4 or 5 receiver sets

    SS/FS: Ronnie Lott and Paul Krause (All-time interception leader)

    Special Teams:

    K: Jan Stenerud (Only kicker currently in the HOF); Gary Anderson or Morten Andersen would be back-up; I might also consider Sebastian Janakowski (most powerful leg currently in the NFL)

    P: Jeff Feagles (He beat Ray Guys records)

    KR: Tim Brown and Gale Sayers

    Coaching Staff:

    Head Coach: Don Shula

    Offensive Coordinator: Hank Stramm

    Defensive Coordinator: Tony Dungy

    Special Teams: Joe Avezanno

    Consultant: John Madden (Best winning percentage in NFL history)

    Your list is good but Deion was overrated.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    instead of deion use dick the night train lane and not darren sharper intead use jack tatum not singletary instead use jack lambert and anthony munoz was good but he cant be at both guard and tackle not micheal irvin either use larry fitzgerald he is more proven than that big baby. and i love walter payton but to score more use gale sayers he scored way more per carry and was the first to gain 1000 yards after knee injury although payton only missed one game in his career so out of respect payton is good and joe montana is phenominal but otto grham would give him a run for his money because montana was blessed with rice and clark and a few other great recievers other than that nice team and instead of brown take either csonka or the diesil

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Looks like a good team. I'd disagree with Michael Irvin and Darren Sharper though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ya i could i'd just throw it towards darren sharper and we would win every time cause darren sharper is to slow to keep up with them so ya and ray lewis is way better than mike singletary any day he's the best.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Since most of them are over 40 or more and might have arthritis but in there young days yea that team would probally be unbeatable!

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  • 1 decade ago


    lb: i dnt they culd cover todays tight ends but i wuldnt b able 2 run the ball @ all

    cb:rod wilson can b beat by those b strong wide outs like andre johnson. deion sander:im not throwin 2 tht side of the field lol

    s:my wr's n te's wuld hate me if i called anything over the middle cuz they wuld pretty much die

    ps idk if i put sharper over reed. i kno b4 reed, sharper was tht guy but it tough


    idk if this offense culd even operate

    meber joe is a west coast guy so tht affects every1's style of play

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah they all like old now lol but in their prime. That team would never lose a game in 20 years

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  • 1 decade ago

    Simple, take Darren Sharper out and put someone else in, hes overate.

    Source(s): Saints were about 25th agianst the pass and 27th against the run.
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