how we can transfer the company in tally?

please help me out how can i transfer tally company from one pc to other means from office to home pc please reply me as soon as possible.

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    Step 1

    start Tally if it by default loads an company/ies then select ALT+F1 & close the company/ies

    Step 2

    now you will come down to Company info Menu select backup (in Tally 4.5 you can only backup on a floppy drive in rest of the version you can specify the destination folder) The source remains the data folder (by default Drive:\Tally Directory\Data)

    Step 3

    press BACK SPACE & come to Destination path here specify any directory where you want to take the backup (say drive:\backup) the folder name may be added & even if you have given a new folder name tally will create it & store the backup in it

    Step 4

    Now press Enter & select the companies to be backed up

    Press enter

    it will now backup the companies selected & create an single file in the destination path given

    copy this file (named something like tbk900.001 or tbk500.001 etc to any media like cd or pan drive) to take it to other pc

    Start Tally in other pc say your home pc & again follow step 1

    in step 2 select restore instead of backup

    in step 3 destination will be the data folder (by default Drive:\Tally Directory\Data) & source will be the path where the backup file is stored

    now press enter & tally will give you the list of the companies that are backed up & you can restore them in that machine

    but their is an loop hole in this if you want to work on both the places simultaneously then this backup & restore option can not be used as in that case the work will have to be stopped at one of the locations so as to enable the other user to work & then to send the updated backup to the other user who will restore it & start working while the first user stops working

    & in such an scenario i.e. editing at both the places like branch & H.O. or Home & office Synchronisation or sync option comes to help using which both or all the users can simultaneously work & the data can be synchronised in incremental order

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    Hi Bhavik, if you go to folder where Tally is installed, you try copying the folder named with the Company you wish to transfer from office pc and paste exactly at the same location in home pc. this should work, it worked for me. Regards Siddharth

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