Buying comic books? (The Guild)?

Hi, I just recently got into The Guild webisodes and I understand that Felicia's comic for The Guild is available today in comic book stores? I've never bought a comic before, much less even BEEN in a comic bookstore intending to purchase. Last time I went I was just looking at a t-shirt.

-What is a good price for a comic book?

-How much should I buy The Guild comic books for?

-I'm a cheap person and I don't know how comic book sales go. Are there discounts? To get an idea of my buying theory, I usually don't buy a music album unless it's around $10 or less (for a hard copy).

-What's a good comic book store to find this at?

Lol... sorry for being such a noob to this, but I really have no experience or any idea about buying comic books. Thanks so much! ^_^

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