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想請各位幫個忙翻譯一下 3Q








希 望 未 來 能 夠 朝 向 室 內 設 計 & 手工藝 品 類 發 展 ,這 是 我 一 直 以 來 的 夢 想.



Hello, everybody.

I feel very tense because I do not have confidence in my English.

My name is Jill. I live in Changhua

There are five members in my family .

Update 2:

I am nearly the work that works on customs clearing agent for 6 years, met many persons of different types to also learn a lot of methods whereabouts director things that also

Update 3:

understand how to use what kind in the work, also understand how to face the guest's each problems, also more considerate ground of write to think for the guest.

Hope that the future development towards the interior design & Handicraft article this is my dream.

Thank listening of everyone


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    Hi, How's everybody going?

    面試要有自信, 就算英文不好也不要說出來或點出來啦。 自信很重要!笑/微笑就好了。


    My name is Jill 姓啥?


    I live with my family at ChangHuahemei. My family consists of five members, my parents, one older and one younger brother and I.




    For the past 6 years, I worked at a Customs Brokerage Firm. I had many experienced dealing with customers from all over the world who import and export shipments and container in and out of our country. Therefore, I gained massive communication skill from all of them. Each day, I dealed with varies emergencies or multitasking with answering emails, answering the phones and making entries at the same time. My motto is customer are always right and satisfying their needs are my top priority.

    希 望 未 來 能 夠 朝 向 室 內 設 計 & 手工藝 品 類 發 展 ,這 是 我 一 直 以 來 的 夢 想.


    However, now I would like all of you to give me an opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream to be a part of your company in interior design & handcraft designing. Thank you all for your time.

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    How's everybody doing?

    How are you?

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    My motto is customer are always right and satisfying their needs are my top priority.


    My motto is customers are always right and ....跟上面一樣。

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    Hi! Hello, everyone.

    English is not good, she felt very nervous

    My name is Jill.

    I live in Changhua U.S.

    My family has five members of the

    Parents at home with a brother, a brother

    I was engaged in the work of customs broker for nearly six years, working encountered many different types of people have learned to understand the how many and what kind of measures to deal with things, but also to understand the how to deal with each of the guests problems, and more considerate for the sake of the guests.

    Hope that the future will move towards the development of interior design & arts and crafts classes, it has always been my dream.

    Thank you for listening

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