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What are the four basic principles of evolution as outlined under Darwin’s theory of evolution?

Not too in depth but the basic principles?

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    1. One of the prime motives for all species is to reproduce and survive, passing on the genetic information of the species from generation to generation. When species do this they tend to produce more offspring than the environment can support.

    2. The lack of resources to nourish these individuals places pressure on the size of the species population, and the lack of resources means increased competition and as a consequence, some organisms will not survive.

    3. The organisms who die as a consequence of this competition were not totally random, Darwin found that those organisms more suited to their environment were more likely to survive.

    4.This resulted in the well known phrase SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, where the organisms most suited to their environment had more chance of survival if the species falls upon hard times. (This phrase if often associated with Darwin, though on closer inspection Herbert Spencer puts the phrase in a more accurate historical context.)

    5.Those organisms who are better suited to their environment exhibit desirable characteristics, which is a consequence of their genome being more suitable to begin with.

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    4 Principles Of Natural Selection

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    OMG ... so many answers, and only one (zen_uk) gets it right! First question you should ask ... since Darwin's theory of evolution is a concept *in science* ... is it legit *AMONG SCIENTISTS*? Answer: Absolutely. Resoundingly. YES. Without a doubt. The percentage of scientists in the world, by *ANYBODY'S* poll, who accept evolution is no less than 95%, and closer to 99.85% when you eliminate scientists who are in fields like computer science that are not really related to biology. That's close to 100% *OF SCIENTISTS* who say, YES, ABSOLUTELY Darwin's theory of evolution is legit *SCIENCE*. In fact, they will go further than that and say that evolution is not only "legit" ... but the *BACKBONE OF MODERN BIOLOGY*. In other words, trying to understand biology without the concept of evolution, is like trying to understand chemistry without the concept of molecules, or understand astronomy without the concept of gravity! In other words, scientists disagree on SO many thing ... but when they agree ... on a question of *SCIENCE* ... then that should tell you something. And one thing scientists absolutely agree on is that evolution is not just "legit" but *vitally* important to understanding biology. So if the scientists accept evolution so overwhelmingly, then why is acceptance of evolution so much lower among non-scientists in the U.S.? Why do so many average people on Yahoo Answers, post things like you see on this page? To answer this, notice the number of people who use the phrase "just a theory". This shows just how bad our science education is in this country! The phrase "just a theory" is meaningless in science, because IN SCIENCE, *EVERYTHING* IS THEORY! The theory of gravity, the theory of molecules, the theory of electrons, the atomic theory of matter, the photon theory of light, the heliocentric theory of the solar system, the plate tectonics theory of geology, cell theory, chaos theory, quantum theory, the theory of relativity. Darwin's theory of evolution is one among all of these 'theories' accepted overwhelmingly by scientists. That's because the word 'theory' in science does NOT mean "in doubt" or "unproven." The word 'theory' means *EXPLANATION FOR FACTS*. And all of those are the currently accepted explanations for the facts we observe in nature. None of them are "in doubt." None of them are "unproven" (or "proven" for that matter ... since we don't talk about "proof" but about *evidence* in science, "proven" and "unproven" are also meaningless terms in science). So the phrase "just a theory" is utterly meaningless in science. It is so frustrating to see just how bad our science education is, that something this *BASIC* ... something that should be crystal clear to kids by 7th grade ... is so badly misunderstood by so many non-scientists! And it is that level of bad science education in this country that has been exploited by Creationists ... and taken us from 1st in the world in science ... to #33 out of 34! Yes, second-to-last ... only Turkey is further behind. (See second source.) So I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant ... but as an American, as a Catholic, and as a lover of science, I find it *embarrassing* that my country, pretty much alone among all developed countries, is still debating in 2008 whether a concept that has been accepted *by scientists* since the late 1800s, is "legit." So is evolution "legit"? YES!

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    thanks that was exactly what i was looking for :)

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