Which is better? Taurus or Ruger.?

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    I'll just stick to the revolvers, since I own a few of each and never fired a semi auto from either:

    In most cases Ruger wins. You will not find a more durable handgun than Ruger's revolvers, most are capable of firing loads that would ruin most other revolvers. Overall fit and finish tend to be better and they hold their value a lot better.

    Taurus makes a decent revolver, and some are actually quite good. You will notice that the workmanship is not as refined, fit and finish is not always as good, and my biggest gripe is the checkering tends to be too sharp on some models. Also they do not hold their value quite as well as a result.

    Source(s): There's nothing wrong with most Taurus revolvers, but in most comparable cases Ruger will win. Taurus features a larger selection, but just keep in mind that people who end up not liking their Ruger's is much rarer than people who end up not liking their Taurus.
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    4 years ago

    Ruger Taurus

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    Really depends on the specific model. They both make some nice guns. I would sooner get a sp101 or a gp100 from ruger than i would an 85 or 65 Taurus. With that said, i have a 627 Tracker model taurus, which i like very much. Better than the S&W 686, actually.

    Im not a big fan of most taurus semi-autos, particularly the new TCP and thier millenium pro series pistols. I do like the 24/7 series and PT 1911's. The ruger SR9 is OK, but i dont like the ergonomics. I also have had bad experiances with Ruger employees, and that opinion was shared by several people i have spoken to who attended conventions and trade shows. Ruger's past history of being pro-gun control still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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    It's pretty hard to dispute Rugers track record vs. Taurus. To answer the question directly, definitely Ruger. Taurus does have some nice revolvers for target shooting / light hunting but nothing I would want to put my life on. I do admit some of my friends have them and have never had a problem and the price is very attractive. I still feel like I'd be rolling the dice every time I think about buying a Taurus though. ( I couldn't give any of them the edge over a 586/686 though lol)

    Source(s): 35+ years shooting,
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  • 1 decade ago

    Ruger has a reputation for building quality and realiable guns for over 40 years.

    Taurus does not.

    I'm not necessarily saying that the Taurus brand is bad, but if you start researching various guns, you'll inevitably come across lots of complaints about how their gun broke and had to be sent in for repair.

    If you look at other top notch brands like Glock, Sig, Ruger, etc., you see far fewer complaints.

    Don't get me wrong, Taurus provides a pretty good gun for the money. I have no problem taking that quality risk for a recreational gun to save some cash, but I wouldn't pick a Taurus for a gun I'd bet my life on.

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    I would have to say Ruger is better.

    I have a Ruger, and I have 2 Taurus'.

    Taurus has really had some struggles with their poly (plastic) frame pistols-like Smith and Wesson with the Sigma. Supposedly they have it all straightened out now. I have the 111 and the 845, and have never had a problem. Their metal frame guns seem to have a good reputation.

    The 900 series pistols are all good- 909, 911, 917, 92, 99, 100, 101, 938, 940 and 945.

    Don't know about the revolvers.

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    RUGER, NO QUESTIONS. If you state anything else , in my humble opinion, you have made a huge mistake. First of all, is Taurus a good gun, yes, is it a Ruger, absolutely not. In my opinion anyone that really knows handguns will echo this. I own a Ruger Super Redhawk 454 Casull and i can tell you that Taurus makes nothing that can rival the quality of this gun and i would challenge you to find one that is better, you may argue some are as good, certainly in the S&W makes, but none are better. Most would argue that when you consider the cost versus the quality, Ruger makes the best available. Is S&W a high quality gun, absolutely, is it an average of 2 to 3 hundred dollars per model better, no way. Just to state my opinion of the Taurus Judge, its a joke novelty gun. You can get online and read reviews from the experts and find out that this is the most inaccurate useless large caliber gun possibly ever made. Stay Away.

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    I own several of both. The Rugers have smoother triggers, better finishes and just "feel" more durable. The Taurus' have very rough triggers and some revolvers come from the factory with bad trigger timing. I bought my Rugers because I went looking for them. I bought my Taurus' just becuase it was too good a deal to pass up.

    It is not a Chevy vs. Ford thing... it's more like a Chevy vs. Daewoo thing.

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    When you buy a Ruger, Colt, Sig, S&W - a name brand firearm you can expect to sell in 3-4 years for about what you paid for it. And if you keep it in good conditon - it will appreciate $20-$30 each year you own it. I paid $535 for a Colt National Match 45 and I must have put 8,000 round though it in 15 years - I sold it for $900.

    When you buy an off the wall name like Taurus - you save $70 or maybe a bit more the day you buy it from a name brand that looks about the same. But, you won't ever see that money again - not in 4 years or 20 years. Because a Taurus, FIE, etc pistol does not appreciate. Your pay $400 for it today - you won't get more than $250-$300 for it next week, or in 2020.

    If you don't know crap about guns and need something today to protect yourself - and money is tight and you don't see shooting as a sport or a gun as an investment - then the Taurus is for you. They work.

    Hope this helps.

  • 6 years ago

    ruger hands down is a better firearm better quality and finish.i own two ruger pistoland i do have the taurus pt92

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