Abandoned TPS application (post Haiti earthquake relief)?

someone in my family applied for the Haiti TPS thing & she found the letter late, she missed her appointment, the paper said that if she misses it,m her application will be considered "abondoned" -

-what does that mean?

-can she fix it easily?

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  • Fred S
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    10 years ago
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    An abandoned application is the same as a denied application. If you were supposed to report to an Application Support Center, and you failed to report, you can request a new appointment.

    To request rescheduling of an ASC appointment, make a copy of your appointment notice to retain for your records, then mail the original notice with your rescheduling request to the ASC address listed on the notice.

    A new appointment notice will be sent to you by mail. Rescheduling a biometrics appointment may cause the adjudication of your application to be delayed.

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