I need to change my routing number and bank account number, but boss needs proof?

Alright. My fiance and I have a new joint account with USAA. I am in the military and have a home town bank, as she does. So we're going to cancel our old bank accounts, and use our new USAA bank. She gets payed by direct deposit, as I do. So I need to give my finance my new banking information so I can get payed, but that's not a problem with the Army...On the other hand, her boss says he needs proof of mail that is it from USAA or a check from USAA. I smell something illegal here, is it?


Also. Can they DEMAND that they have proof. They said they won't change information at all. Can she not have her direct deposit go where ever she wants??? Thanks. If people wonder what corporation this is...it is IRT, a sister branch of Canon

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    If her boss is not the one she submitted that information to for direct deposit, then he does not need to be looking at her account number. Often businesses will have a financial department that gives you a form to fill out for direct deposit. If her boss is not the one that takes that form than it probably means the financial department takes care of it, and they are the only ones that need that information. In this case, I'd refuse and if he pushes it, I'd talk to a lawyer. I had a friend who's boss took out a credit card in my friend's name, and my friend got stuck having to pay for what his former boss bought, and I'm not sure what it did to his credit rating.

    However, if it was her boss that took the form with her account information on it, then he already has that information and proving it's from USAA doesn't seem to me that it matters as far as sharing personal information goes. If he starts asking for passwords and things, then get very suspicious.

    If he wants a statement or something from the bank first, you can print out your account information online and cut out all the other personal information such as the account name, the amount in it, any other information that he does not need to verify it's the correct account number.

    You know what will really help, and I'll tell you, they've been a burden lifter for me, is customer service. USAA has a lot of specialists and they deal with questions all the time. You could just call their banking service 800 number and ask them if this is a common thing or if it sounds suspicious. If you want, you can even ask for ideas of how you could prove it by only providing the minimal necessary information to verify the account is valid and from USAA.

    As for showing him the routing number, don't worry about that, every bank has it's own single routing number and it's public information. Some banks will provide their routing number to anyone that brings up their webpage. Routing numbers, as I'm sure you know, are just the number banks use so that anyone depositing money into the bank will get the correct bank. The bank then will put that money in the account number provided by the direct deposit system.

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    That is not illegal. You had to provide the Army Finance Office with your account info. The boss want proof of the bank account in her name and a letter from USAA will provide the proof and account number for the employer to make direct deposits. Don't give a check. The bank will only give her boss enough information for them to make the direct deposits and not have any access to her account for other reasons.

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    Her boss shouldn't need "proof" as in legal proof, but he wants to have high confidence that he will be depositing to the correct account. He needs "proof" because he knows people get their account numbers mixed up all the time.

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    In order to correctly route your pay to the correct account, your boss needs a check or a deposit slip so he can key in the routing number correctly.

    There is nothing illegal there..he's trying to help you.

    - Stuart

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    I don't think there is anything illegal going on. Her boss just must need something from the actual bank that's all. Thank you for your service too.

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    It depends on many factors

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