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What current social and political issues does Japan face?

Specifically issues that directly affect the citizens of Japan.

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    Japan has been around for centuries so I don't think they're going anywhere. Biggest problems?

    -next to zero population growth. To put it bluntly Japan needs to start makin babies, and lots of 'em. The population is aging like almost no other country in the world.

    -next to zero economic growth. It's been this way since about 1989. Not good.

    -The Japanese economic system is byzantine, inefficient, and out of touch. They build museums that nobody visits. Roads are constantly under repair, even if they don't really need to be repaired. Some poor guy is always out there holding a "Slow" sign, all so Japan can say they have low unemployment.

    -Most Japanese universities are a complete joke. The Japanese will openly admit this. Their colleges are aging, decrepit, out of date, and horribly underfunded. Most serious Japanese academic researchers go overseas to do their research. Very, very little serious academic research gets done at Japanese colleges. The "best" university in Japan, Tokyo University (Tokyo Daigaku, or Todai) is hard to get into, but once you're admitted you can literally sleep through classes, act like a drunken frat boy, and be guaranteed a top job with the government or a big corporation when you graduate.

    -Japan is slowly but surely destroying their natural environment. They dam rivers, destroy beaches, put annoyingly loud Toshiba speakers in a Zen garden. Read "Dogs and Demons" by Alex Kerr. He's lived in Japan for about 25 years. It's a real eye opener. Mr. Kerr wrote this book because he loves Japan and wants to see it succeed, not because he's a Japan hater.

    I pointed this out at a dinner one time where a former Japanese history professor of mine was in attendance, and he totally shut me down. I got annoyed but I kept quiet. It doesn't change the fact that these things are real, and the Japanese have to deal with them.

    -Tokyo is one of the 2 biggest cities in the world and is overdue for a catastrophic earthquake. The government talks about moving the capital but nothing gets done. I shudder to think of the absolute carnage that would happen when this thing hits. And it will hit. It's just a matter of time.

    -The Japanese are very xenophobic, by and large. Not all Japanese, but most Japanese.

    -The Japanese treat ethnic Koreans like dirt and it is a travesty! 3rd or 4th generation Koreans who speak Japanese and have Japanese names are discriminated against in every way shape and form.

    -The Japanese by and large do not recycle. They will throw away near new TVs and microwaves in the middle of a pristine forest. It is still legal to burn your trash in Japan. Carcinogens, anyone?

    -Japan gives big sums of money to little tiny island nations in the Pacific to vote "yes" at the United Nations so Japan can hunt whales for "scientific research." B.S. The Japanese like to eat whale meat, even though most whale species are highly endangered. This really bothers me. (Iceland and Norway do this, too.)

    -The indigenous Japanese (the Ainu) have been reduced to little more than tourist attractions. Literally. Their proud culture has been ransacked, violated, and all but destroyed.

    I lived in Japan. I love Japan. I respect Japan. I want to see Japan thrive and succeed; for their own sake, and having them as a stable ally in that region is good for Western/American interests as a check against North Korea. But still, these are the big issues and not talking about them won't solve them.

    Source(s): Dogs and Demons by Alex Kerr, 2 years living in Japan
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    Social Issues In Japan

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    Current Issues In Japan

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    What current social and political issues does Japan face?

    Specifically issues that directly affect the citizens of Japan.

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    Very bad future. GDP is minus 200%. That is impossible. No other country has same debt level. Japan will come to a terrible dead end in the next couple of years. The gov is not thinking right. People are not aware. Media does not address the issue. Be careful. They will end soon.

    Source(s): Japantimes
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    Read Newspaper if you can read.

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