Do you and your boyfriend/girlfriend always inform each other where you're going when you're not together?

...just to not make the other wonder/worry about how he/she is? and if not, is this supposed to be an issue? say... "lying by omission"?

just a thought.. any opinion is welcome.

Thanks in advance!


btw, it's not about asking for permission.. it's only about informing the other person. :)

Update 2:

and it's not a required thing that the other asks you to do.. it's about you doing it out of respect for him/her.

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    Generally, I would say no. If I know I'm going somewhere where I will be unable to talk for a few hours (a movie with friends, class, work, etc etc) then I would tell them. But if I can still communicate with them from wherever I am, then I don't worry about it.

    The only time there would ever be an argument over not informing each other is if the above issue was present. If one of us went out and was too busy to text and forgot to tell the other, sometimes we would worry and freak out a little bit. It also depends on how much we're talking that day. Some days we would talk from morning 'til night, and others we wouldn't talk until before bed.

    Besides, usually if we knew we were doing something like going out with friends or to class, we would know ahead of time and could just tell them the day before.

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    Depends. I'm married now so for the most part I always tell my husband where I'm going (unless say... I stop at the mall after I buy groceries or something, then no I don't ask for permission). When we were dating, if we weren't going to see each other that night we usually did say where we were going just out of courtesy and curiosity. However, me saying "sorry I have to study tonight" and then him deciding to go out to the bar and not calling to ask my permission is not lying by omission, it's not bothering to ask your girlfriend who isn't there anyway if you can see your friends when she's busy. Hope that helps!!

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    This question is fantastic because it is a problem. My ex-boyfriend used to get furious when I didn't text him or tell him what I was doing at all times. I never did anything shady, or that I shouldn't be doing. It was really unattractive and I tried explaining this to him, but he's a complete idiot. I think if two people genuinely trust each other they shouldn't have to constantly tell each other where they are at 24/7.

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    I myself don't worry a lot when my girlfriend is away. I mean: if you are in a relationship then it is crucial trust him/her. I find it useless to try and find out where or what your girl/guy does and go when they're away because if she is cheating on me then I can try as hard as i want to, but i won't stop her from leaving me. So trusting is the ONLY thing you can do.

    Hope this helped!


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    Not always, but I trust her and I think she trusts me. If I were to go somewhere that might qualify as "lying by omission" if I didn't tell her, then I would definitely tell her. Normal places I don't really bother unless she asks.

  • JTay
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    anyone who would say that sounds like theyre in a pretty insecure relashionship. even if u are commited to that person, theyre not ur mommy/daddy and dont have to know everything, as long as you are being trust worthy.

    me and my bf live together and if im leaving i tell him im going out and how long i expect to be gone so he has an idea. if i do tell him where im going its usually just for conversation. and if one of us are bored we'll still text eachother but i dont feel the need to pour everything out. if i tell him im going to the mall with my friends and we stop and get food and hang out at someones house for a little first. i dont feel obligated to tell him unless im going to be gone longer.

    and i dont expect him to either. i trust him and only expect a few details out of respect so i dont have to worry.

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    Well yeah, i mean maybe once in a while but if he/she is going out one day and don't tell you, i don't think it should be a problem. Thats why you need trust in a relationship, you should trust each other not to do anything and to remain faithful=]

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    My boyfriend usually tells me. I don't ask him to. I tell him if he asks or if I'm just making conversation. I don't think it is or should be important in a relationship though.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Uh, no. That is stalker status.

    It's none of her business where I'm going as it's none of mine where she's going.

    Relationships should be built on trust; if there's none there really isn't a relationship, only constant worries.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not necessarily.

    We trust each other enough to not have to. If it comes up in conversation we'll talk about it, otherwise no.

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