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Want to become a Web Designer-tips?

I already have an associates degree in Liberal Studies and a BA in Art History and this fall I'm returning back to school to get my certificate in Web Design. I'm really excited and optimistic about this new career, though I'm aware of the large amount of hours and dedication, should I be aware of any other key aspects of this career?

Am I going the right route with school if I want to start out working for an agency?

Sense I start in the fall, which steps should i take now to familiarise myself with HTML and CSS? What are the best ways to learn?

Anything else I should know, beforehand?

I appreciate the help-thanks!

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    The best was to learn is to find something to make a website about and you are enthusiastic about making. After you have found this learn how to make basic pages and get a free hosting account on a website like 110mb. I would then use w3schools to learn HTML and CSS. Then you should use various websites to help you achieve your goal e.g. Say you want to learn to make a hover menu just Google "HTML/CSS hover menu", there are millions of online web tutorials. After you have mastered HTML and CSS I would Invest in some software from Adobe like Photoshop and Illustrator and perhaps Dreamweaver (But that is the least important). I would also learn a server side language like PHP to enable you to make a more rich user interface and expand your capabilities.

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    Find a programm that you like, something like Dream Weavear will be great

    Then it is all about parctice

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    Here's where I started:

    Start by making your own site

    using the tutorials.

    Then e-mail me if you need help.

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