I cannot figure out names! Anybody help?

Okay, so I'm writing a novel, but I cannot think of any names for my characters! I am using the fill-in names Lulu and Bob for my first two characters, but I need to figure out a real name.

The story line goes something like this:

'Lulu' is walking to guitar lessons. The streets are extremely crowded and it's nearly impossible to navigate. She's grabbed by a stalky-thin old man with penitrating blue eyes. He whisphers 4 words to her. "Your time has come." She shakes it off, though thoughts of the man creep back to her subconsious. She arrives at her guitar teacher's house (Bob). They go through guitar, and she sings along with her music. After that, she decided on taking the back alley home to avoid rush hour traffic. A pain envelopes her and she grows dizzy. Her vision blurs before everything goes black. She simply disapeared. She wakes up in a strange forest and is taken captive by men on horseback. She eventually becomes a warrior in the fantasy reality and switches between realities, blah blah blah.

Okay, so that WAS NOT my good writing, the story is much better. ANYWAYS...

Here are character discriptions:

'Lulu'- She is a guitarist and singer. She is the one who first enters the alternate reality. There she becomes a spy and warrior, as well as the most dangerous and sought-after girl in the land. She is very independant and is quick-witted as well as sarcastic some of the time. She lives for music.

Then there's Bob, her instructor. He's in his mid 20's and is a very cheerful man despite his sleep issues.

I also need a list of fantastical names for both males and females.

thanks and sorry about the lenghth!

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    There are a lot of different kinds of name generators or you could composite a list of all your favorite names. This is a list I have done. Sorry that it pasted a little weird it was in alphabetical order.

    Aaron Brett Darcy Ezekiel Hugo Katie

    Matthew Paige Ronald Tony Abigail

    Brianna Daren Faith Ian Kasey Maurice

    Palo Rory Tracy Abraham Brice Darnell

    Felix Ike Kathryn Maximillian Patrick

    Rosa Travis Adam Bridget Darrell Fiona

    Iona Katrina Megan Paul Rose Trenton

    Aden Brighton David Francine Iraron

    Kayley Melissa Pedro Rudy Trey Alan

    Brittany Dean Francis Irwin Kelly Melody

    Pepper Russell Trisha Alec Brock Debra

    Franklin Isaac Kelsi Michael Peter Ruth

    Tristan Alexander Bryan Denise Fred

    Isabelle Kenneth Michelle Phillip Ryan

    Troy Ali Buster Dennis Frederick Isadore

    Kevin Miles Phoebe Ryn Tyler Alicia

    Calvin Denny Gabriel Isaiah Kirk Milo

    Piper Sage Tyson Ally Cameron Derek

    Gabriella Ivan Kurtis Mimi Pippin

    Salvatore Ursula Alvin Carl Devon Galen

    Jacob Kyle Mitch Pollyanna Samantha

    Valerie Amanda Carrie Dewy Garrett

    James Lance Monica Quinn Samuel

    Victoria Amber Caspian Dirk Garry Jamie

    Larry Monique Quinton Sandra Vincent

    Amos Cassie Donald Gavin Jarred Lauren

    Morgan Rachel Sarah Wade Amy Cecil

    Donavan Gary Jasmine Leah Morris

    Randall Scott Waldo Andre Cedric Douglas

    Gelid Jason Lee Nadine Randolph

    Sebastian Walker Andrew Chad Draco

    Gene Jeffrey Leonardo Nathan Raul Shane

    Wallace Anna Charles Dustin Genevieve

    Jennifer Leslie Nathaniel Ray Sharpay

    Warren Anthony Charlotte Dwayne George

    Jerald Lewis Ned Rayford Shawn Wesley

    Arlen Chase Dwight Gerald Jeremiah Lisa

    Nelson Raymond Skyler Whitney Ash Chloe

    Dylan Gina Jeremy Logan Nemo Rebecca

    Spirit Willene Ashley Christina Earl Ginny

    Jerome Lowell Neville Reba Stacy William

    Arnie Clark Eddie Gordon Jerrold Lucas

    Nicolas Reed Stanley Wilma Art Cleo

    Edmund Gregory Jerry Luna Nicole Reese

    Stella Winifred Arturo Cole Edward Greta

    Jesse Lynda Nina Regina Steven Xavier

    Asaron Colin Elena Gwen Jessie Lyric

    Noah Reggie Stuart Yesinia Bane Corey

    Elijah Han Jett Mac Noel Rembrandt Susan

    Zachary Belle Conner Elisa Hannah Joaquin

    Malcolm Nola Reuben Taylor Zaire Benjamin

    Courtney Eliza Harold Jonah Marco Nolan

    Richard Teresa Zanier Bethany Curt Ella

    Harley Jonathan Marcus Odette Rihrista

    Terrance Zenal Blaine Cyrus Elmer Harriet

    Jordan Marie Oliver Riley Terrie Zoë Blake

    Dailey Emery Harvey Joseph Mark Olivia

    Rita Timothy Bobbie Damien Emily Hector

    Joshua Marshall Omar Robert Tina Bradley

    Damon Emma Heidi Justin Martin Orion

    Robyn Theodore Brady Dana Eric Henry

    Justine Martha Orville Roderick Thomas

    Brandon Daniel Ernie Hope Kale Marvin

    Oscar Roger Tobias Brandy Danielle Ethan

    Howard Kaleb Mary Otto Rohon Todd

    Brendan Dante Evan Hugh Karen Mathias

    Owen Romeo Toni

    Some last are...

    Adams Bowman Duncan Gregory McKay

    Perkins Stone Albright Boyd Earnhart

    Harding McKee Peterson Sullivan Anderson

    Carmichael Edwards Hardy McMichael

    Philips Thompson Archibald Carter Elliot

    Hastings Mercer Poole Vondrak Armstrong

    Chase Evans Henderson Miller Porter

    Walker Ashmore Churchill Fields Hilts

    Moore Powell Wallace Baldwin Clarke

    Fillmore Higgins Morgan Prescott Ward

    Baughman Cook Fisher Jackson Morland

    Reid Warner Bennett Cox Foster Johnson

    Myers Sadley Warren Black Cross Fox

    Jones Newman Schrader Warwick Bishop

    Dale Fulton Knight Nickelson Shade

    Wheeler Branson Davis Garratt Larson

    Owens Simpson Wilcox Bridger Dean

    Goodman Leland Patterson Smith Wolfe

    Brown Dryfus Grant Mason Patton Steele


    I hope that it helps. Good luck on the novel, it sounds really good.

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    My favorite method is to open the phone book and randomly select a first name. Turn to another page and randomly select a last name. Keep doing this until you get one you like.

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    room for too, roots before branches. i just saw that commercial like 5 minutes ago!!! lol hope i helped u ♥

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    girls names






    boys names


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