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Justin Beiber, King of Thrash?

It was on the bus the other day and there was a couple of 10 year old girls in seat in front of me listening to Justin Bieber on their mobiles (you know like they all do, on really crappy tinny speakers) One of them TRIED to sing along and when her friend told her to shut up because she sounded crap, so she did and went on about how hard it was to sing because it was properly heavy metal then something about him being heavy thrash, made me laugh quite a lot. Anyway who agrees Justin Beiber Exploits 12 year old girls even more then the Jonas Brothers?

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    Probably better off asking our "friendly neighbourhood troll" as he/she seems intent on brain washing us.

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    I'm suprised I even got my hand to hit the answer button.... That's frickin hilarious/extremely aggrevating. I can't stand Justin Bieber. Theres so many groups on facebook that call him a ****** haha. I think its the little girls fault for not being able to tell what kinda music it was which is normal but still yeah he does exploit them. Way worse than the Jonas Brothers. I needa take an advil from talking about this crappy music

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    Neither Justin Beiber or the Jonas Brothers are even closely thrash or heavy metal. What an insult those girls are making to one of the best genres of music ever made.

    And yes, he does.

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    I think the Jonas Brothers do more. If you don't believe me, watch the episode of South Park with the purity rings. But Justin Bieber is equally terrible. If you hear that again, just blast something like Death and scare them horribly.

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    king of thrash?

    try king of guys with high pitched voices!

    i'm honestly wondering if he's gone through puberty yet!

    i've never heard a 15 or 16 year old kid with that much of a high pitched voice before in my life.heck when i was 16,people mistook me for my dad over the phone!

    now playing:open arms-journey

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    Defiantly, Slayer Who

    Source(s): Slayer 4 Life
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    What does it matter? as long as their in to Justin they can't get into to much trouble and that's a good thing.I say let them be kids they grow up so fast these days.

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    Micheal Jackson only rose from the grave, threw up, and then died... lower back. whilst youve killed zombie Micheal Jackson, you comprehend you may supply up your occupation as a musician. You kill musical zombies, Biebs. @devil he pronounced screamo isnt song. it is the reason I hate that looser

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    This twerp is just hellbent on ruining good music. I mean just look at what he did to Eminem's "Lose Yourself":

    Youtube thumbnail


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    Why does it matter? To each his own I say. If that is what they like all be it.

    take care


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