what is this 80s or 90s tv show where a girl sit on a window seat and soliliquies to the moon?

I vaguely remember this old tv show from the late 80s or early 90s. There was a mom with, i think, two kids and they moved for the mom to work in this other family's house. I think they moved from the one of the southern states, because I remember some people picking on the kids' accents. The older kid was a girl, and she would sit on a window seat in her room and talk to the moon. The younger one was a boy, and he was super smart. I don't really remember much else about the series, but would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me the name of the show.

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    I believe if im not mistaken, your talking about "The Torkelsons", a show on NBC that ran for two seasons ......1991-1993, the second season was "retooled" as "Almost Home" , but the show remained basically the same ......here is a bit of info from its Wiki page :

    Living in Pyramid Corners, a city set in the series near the actual Oklahoma suburb of Vinita, Millicent Torkelson did what she could to survive financially, after her husband, Randy (Gregg Henry) left the family. Randy later returned and was seen in several episodes, and the two parents ended up divorcing. The pilot episode deals with Millicent being so far in debt that she even has appliances in her home repossessed. In order to support her family, Millicent gets a boarder named Wesley Hodges (William Schallert) who ends up living with them for the year in the house basement.

    Millicent's children were 14-year-old Dorothy Jane (Olivia Burnette), sweet and exceptionally articulate for her age, who also served running commentary throughout the show by having talks with the "Man in the Moon" by her bedroom window; 12-year-old Steven Floyd (Aaron Michael Metchik), the athletic second oldest; 10-year-old Ruth Ann (Anna Slotky), who was musically inclined; 8-year-old Chuckie Lee (Lee Norris), the bug collector, always recognizable with his thick-rimmed glasses; and the youngest, 6-year-old Mary Sue (Rachel Duncan), who acted as if nothing was ever wrong.

    Source(s): Wikipedia and my tv-addled brain :-)
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    was it "out of this world" where her dad is an alien in a box or something?

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